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Nvidia has updated one of its best tools, Nvidia Broadcast. Real-time effects software for your camera or audio system can now create artificial eye contact between you and your audience.

Source: Nvidia

For several years, Nvidia has offered a very interesting tool for owners of GeForce RTX graphics cards: Nvidia Broadcast. This software allows you to intercept the stream from your camera or microphone to apply effects in real time using the power of the graphics card and AI.

You can create a very believable artificial green screen or suppress ambient noise to leave just your voice. It is particularly effective in the summer to cancel out the noise of a fan.

As the months go by, Nvidia enhances its Nvidia Broadcast with new features. Version 1.4 of the software is available for download and offers a great new feature: artificial eye contact. We tested it.

fine tuning settings

With this new effect, Nvidia will artificially display an image where your gaze is turned towards the camera. Which makes interactions on Google Meet, Discord or Zoom more natural, in principle.

This is an effect that many companies are trying to integrate into their video conferencing system, and it will surely take some getting used to. Having someone look you in the eye during a video call is really unnerving at first. We grew up looking at the screen.

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Also, during our first tests, we noticed that the system could push its algorithm too aggressively at times. Thus creating a very strange effect where the person changes the position of his gaze every second.

Nvidia advises that this effect is currently in beta. There is no doubt that the firm will offer more fine-tuning with future updates.

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