We take control of the Huawei watch that allows you to change the strap like the shirt

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At MWC 2023, Huawei introduced a concept watch whose strap can be changed in a jiffy, the Huawei Watch GT Cyber. We were able to take it in hand.

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In the middle of Huawei’s huge booth at MWC 2023, we came across its new smartwatch concept, the Huawei Watch GT Cyber. This watch is based on a simple idea: it can be very easily detached from its strap by simply pressing the central dial.

To do this, the watch takes the shape of a pebble without any accessories, undulating only by a rotating crown located on the right. The bracelet sold by the brand adapts perfectly to this morphology, leaving a simple hole for the crown. Relatively soft, the bracelet sees that its lower area, which supports the bracelet, adopts a slightly larger diameter, to help push when you want to change.

The correct dosage, but a bit of a lack of choice.

We tested it and, at first glance, the brand seems to have found the right dosage. Neither very complicated to remove (a simple pressure is enough) nor very easy to remove, which would entail the risk of losing it.

Otherwise, the watch looks quite classic on the front, the interface is no different from the other flashy ones from the manufacturer. The selection of wristbands at the Huawei booth lacked a bit of diversity and was limited to style”Sport watchwithout offering slightly fancier alternatives. Too bad, but the advantage of the formula remains that if the watch works, Huawei will be able to expand this selection.

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