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Six years after the first tests, WhatsApp seems to confirm the development of an option to modify your sent messages. A new closed beta update, available from Wednesday, February 22, reveals a little more about how this novelty works.

WhatsApp redevelops an option to edit your sent messages, six after your first attempt. // Source: Dima Solomin

After Twitter, it’s WhatsApp’s turn to take the plunge! On Wednesday, February 22, a new update to the messaging application was shared through its closed beta program on iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. This version of WhatsApp prepares a function that is highly anticipated by its users: modifying a message that has already been sent.

An option that could soon make it easier to correct typos or omissions. Although the application already allows you to delete a sent message, it does not disappear completely.

15 minutes maximum to modify

Development of this feature had already started on Android in May 2022, the site reports. WABetaInfo, specialized in WhatsApp updates. Six months later, a first version of message editing also saw the light of day through the closed beta of iOS. This first version of November 2022 has made it possible to detail the operation of this new function: after having sent a message, pressing it for a long time displays the various usual options to which a button is added ” modifier “. Changing the text will add a small ” editedto the corresponding bubble.

An “Edit” button appears when you long press on a message. // Source: WABetaInfo

Currently, this feature is only available 15 minutes after sending the message, and only if they contain only text. Therefore, it is impossible to edit a message that contains a photo or a video at the moment, although WABetaInfothink this could be added later. You also cannot access a history of changes.

Six years later, WhatsApp tries again

Therefore, the update on Wednesday, February 22 continues to improve this tool, adding an error message intended for older versions of WhatsApp that will not support this feature: “You have received an edited message. You can read it if you are using the latest version of WhatsApp.Therefore, modifying your message afterward will prevent recipients from seeing your content if you don’t have the latest app update.

Older versions of WhatsApp will see an error message instead of the edited message. // Source: WABetaInfo

The launch of this function, therefore, seems close… but it already was six years ago. how do you rememberWABetaInfoa first version of this functionality born in 2017 via the iOS closed beta, before disappearing a few days later. Presumably, like Twitter, the Meta group’s messaging system wanted to prevent its users from manipulating the meaning of a conversation by changing their messages long afterward. The current 15 minute limit is probably there to prevent that.

The feature is still inaccessible for the open beta version of WhatsApp, the news site says.WABetaInfobutThis second update seems to confirm Meta’s desire to go all the way this time.

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