We are finally approaching 100,000 charging stations in France, but they are poorly distributed

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According to the latest Avere report, France currently has 90,803 charging points for electric cars on its territory. Thus, the country is gradually approaching the goal of 100,000 points promised by the government. But be careful because everything is far from rosy, while the cast is still very uneven.

Remember, it was in May 2020. At that time, Emmanuel Macron took the floor to make a strong promise: to make 100,000 charging stations accessible to the entire country by the end of 2021. We are now in March 2023, and this goal , which was already quite utopian from the beginning, has not yet been reachedIt is not surprising.

Goal in sight!

Except the longer the years go by and the stronger the demand, while electric cars outperformed diesels in December. In addition, we explained in a previous article that it was smarter to bet on charging than on autonomy when buying an electric car. Therefore, it is essential that the offer of terminals is expanded in France. Especially since the country is not a very good student.

There are still better ones, don’t worry. Indeed, according to the last barometer Posted by Avere, the territory had 90,803 charging stations Open on February 28. A figure that rises 63% in one year, while last January there was access to 85,284 points. Since the beginning of the year, these are 1,524 new stations installedthat is, 8,698 terminals.

Desbornes Allego // Source: Allego

In fact, many inaugurations have taken place in recent months with more or less fast plugs implemented by Ionity, Fastned or even Lidl and IECcharge. For its part, Tesla also plans to open new Supercharger stations for its customers throughout France. According to Avere’s barometer, there is therefore an average 135 charging points for every 100,000 inhabitants in the country.

Unfortunately, these are still very poorly distributed. Indeed, taking a look at the map, we realize that most are concentrated in Île-de-France, which has 4,531 stations and 17,157 terminals. By contrast, there are only 25 stations in Guyana, giving a total of just 39 plugs. Thus, France delivers a total power of 2,764,017 kW, including 336,207 kW in the Paris region alone. At this point, however, it is surpassed by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, with 381,953 kW.

rarely used terminals

Today, the vast majority of charging stations are installed in retail parking lots, in public parking lots and on public roads. Only 5% of them are established in companies. In general, these are the outlets that deliver a power between 7.4 and 22 kW which are the most widespread in France (52%), followed by alternating current terminals of less than 7.4 kW (34%).

Among the direct current points, those offering between 50 and 150 kW are the most numerous (5%) while terminals that exceed 350 kW continue to be a minority. For now, operators offering this type of facility are still rare in France. These include Lidl and Kallista Energy, while Fastned and Circontrol’s 400 kW charging stations are not yet available to us.

BMW i7 in an Ionity terminal
BMW i7 in an Ionity terminal

According to a report published by Enedis, 85% of car charging is done at home. A fact confirmed by the Avere barometer, which indicates that charging stations have a availability rate between 77 and 84% depending on power. Which means they are free most of the time. The organization specifies that terminals out of service or under maintenance are excluded from this figure.

Of course, some are still in high demand during the periods, especially during the big crossings of the summer holidays. Therefore, the rest of the time, these terminals are not used much, in particular due to the necessary subscriptions or the increase in the price of recharging. Even if it should fall slightly thanks to the tariff shield established by the government.

Clément Molizon, CEO of Avere, sums up the ideal situation well: “having the right terminal, with the right power, in the right place”.

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