Waze will finally integrate a must-have feature for electric cars

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A little outmatched by the competition on the charging station display thing, Waze would be catching up. Precisely, after having temporarily offered this functionality this summer, the community application would be signing its great return at the beginning of the year.

Waze and the Xbox Halo saga come together for a temporary campaign // Source: Waze

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While some motorists are still wary of electric cars, particularly as the range is seen as insufficient, it is nonetheless becoming easier to recharge your car. Indeed, if we are still far from the goal of 100,000 terminals installed in France, the network is constantly improving, with increasingly powerful terminals such as those of Lidl or Electra, among others.

a new feature

Also, there are now a plethora of apps to help you find a plug to charge your car. Obviously we think of Chargemap, which is still the reference in the field, but many other operators also offer their services, such as Nextcharge or Plugshare. For four years, Google Maps has also shown charging stations on its map.

And yet, one company was a bit behind. This is Waze, which waited until 2021 to offer this service to its users. The community app, founded in 2010 and acquired by Google in 2013, launched this feature a year and a half ago, but only in the United States.

Source: The Edge

Of course, last summer it was also possible to find a terminal to connect your electric car to the French version of the app. But then only 13,000 were listed, out of the 82,107 currently located according to the Avere-France site. It was then a partnership with Norauto, which had lasted only a few weeks in July and August to accompany vacationers.

A small disappointment, which could fortunately be made up for. In fact, it could be that Waze is working on the integration of a real route planner, as revealed by a user in the Facebook group “Superchargeurs pour tous France (Ionity, Fastned, Electra and company…)”. This is very good news on top of the many features that the app already offers.

a complete service

Indeed, Waze already integrates the price of fuel and tolls, as well as the possibility of listening to the radio, among others. But now she would be about to list all charging stations in the country. As the internet user who posted the photo specifies, this functionality is still being integrated and is therefore not yet available to everyone. However, some stations are already visible, such as the Ionity of Tavel-Sud.

Thus, a lot of information would be visible to users, who would be around 14 million in France alone. In fact, it is possible to see the type of plugs available, as well as their number and power. It also indicates information on the opening hours of the station, as well as location and phone number.

Credit: Superchargers Facebook group for all of France (Ionity, Fastned, Electra and co…)

That’s not all, because payment methods and means of authentication (RFID badge, app or QR code) are also mentioned on the charging station sheet. At the moment, Waze has not made any official announcement regarding this new feature, but it shouldn’t take too long.

On the other hand, it seems that the integration of a real route planner (which takes into account the consumption of the car and its autonomy to plan the recharging stops) is not yet on the agenda.

In fact, the company plans to give a conference on the news dedicated to electric cars on February 19. We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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