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Microsoft is working on a new sound setting for Windows 11 to set the volume for each app.

When it’s not announcing layoffs of 10,000 people or multibillion-dollar profits, Microsoft can enhance its operating system with much-requested features.

Internet users have detected a hidden novelty in the latest preview versions of Windows 11 for the Insider program. App volume management would eventually be modernized, like what the EarTrumpet app offered.

Adjust the volume of your applications in two clicks

In build 25281 for Windows 11, the hidden feature ” Sound Options/42106010 reveals a new volume mixer. It allows you to quickly adjust the volume level of each game or application independently and quickly select the output device.

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This is not the first time that Microsoft has offered this feature. This was one of the major improvements in Windows 7. However, over the versions, Microsoft had not modernized its interface, and apps from the Microsoft Store were not showing up in the tool for a while.

Here’s a new menu that integrates all apps and allows quick adjustment while respecting the Windows 11 interface. This is exactly what the free and popular EarTrumpet app has offered since the early days of Windows 10.

At this time, Microsoft has not formalized this new feature yet, knowing that even new features documented in their development build announcements may never be implemented in a stable release.

Therefore, we must remain hopeful that this development will be successful. This is the exchange rate that makes daily use of the PC easier.

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