Volkswagen confirms the arrival of its best-selling SUV in a 100% electric version

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After announcing that the Golf would become electric in the coming years, Volkswagen confirms that another of its models will suffer the same fate. This is the Tiguan, one of today’s best-selling cars.

volkswagen tiguan thermal
volkswagen tiguan thermal

While the European Parliament has voted to ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035 throughout the country, manufacturers will have to accelerate their electrification. Some are already very advanced, like Volkswagen, which has a fairly complete range, with its ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID. buzz. But the firm plans to further expand its offering in the coming years.

a newcomer

In fact, it presented its future ID.7 sedan, still camouflaged, at CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of January, and plans to market an ID.3 SUV a little later. Two smaller models are also planned, the ID.1 and ID.2. It may be that the latter replaces the current Golf, which should therefore disappear, but whose name could survive. The compact will not be the only one to undergo a great evolution.

In fact, this would also be the case with the Volkswagen Tiguan, which in turn would have to be transformed to become 100% electric. In any case, this was announced by a spokesperson for the brand during a meeting at its headquarters, located in Wolfsburg and in the company of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Broadcast by the newspaper handelsblattthis gave some interesting information.

In fact, it explains thata new 100% electric model will be launched in 2026 and it will be produced within this factory, which already houses the assembly of the Tiguan and Touareg as well as all versions of the Golf. This future vehicle will then take the form of an SUV, with dimensions and style very close to the current Tiguan. Which then leads us to think that the 3rd best-selling model of the brand in 2022 in France, according to the CCFA, will disappear.

At least in its current form, so whileyet he could keep his name, as will be the case with the Golf. Precisely, the head of the brand, Thomas Schäfer, took advantage of last year’s Los Angeles parade to announce that ” we have iconic brands […] we will stick to the identification logic, but the iconic models will have a name« .

the missing link

The future electric SUV, which could later compete with the Tesla Model Y, could therefore adopt the name ID. Tiguan, although nothing has yet been confirmed by the manufacturer. However, we know that the manufacturer now wants to rely on existing models to expand its electric range, while customers have already expressed their wish that they continue to live in the future.

A request echoed by the leaders of the brand, while Oliver Blume, leader of the Volkswagen group, affirms that ” we also want to bring vehicles like the Golf and Tiguan into the electric age“. This future SUV should play an important role in the manufacturer’s strategy, closing the gap between the current range and the Trinity project.

The latter, which will materialize in particular by an unprecedented electric sedan, which will hunt in the lands of the Tesla Model 3. It could then it will carry the name of ID.4 and will later support the SUV version which we already know well and which is one of the best-selling electric models in Europe in 2022. This one, whose reveal is scheduled for 2026, will then be the manufacturer’s first model based on the SSP platform. It should have arrived earlier, but software problems forced the manufacturer to delay its launch.

Meanwhile, upcoming Volkswagen models, and in particular the ID.3 SUV, will be based on the MEB Plus platform. This will offer in particular increased charging power, increased to 200 kW compared to the current 170 kW, while the autonomy could reach 700 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. The future electric Tiguan should use this platform, as well as the next ID Golf, although its technical characteristics have not yet been revealed.

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