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Four years after its launch, the Volkswagen ID.3 is about to indulge in a small mid-career restyling. A few days before its reveal, on March 1, the electric car begins its teasing campaign.


There will be changes at Volkswagen. Although the brand will only have to sell electric cars in Europe from 2035, it is already working on the launch of several new models. But that’s not why it’s forgetting about existing cars as it prepares for the long-awaited redesign of its ID.3, four years after its launch, which was hampered by a software glitch.

Revelation on March 1

Last December, the Wolfsburg, Germany-based manufacturer unveiled a series of sketches showing what this new variant would look like. Of course, it is not about changing everything but about refreshing the style of the electric compact, described by the “second generation” brand. to the program, a slightly revised front end with a new crest perforated with new air intakes, while the light signature does not change.

The stern will also benefit from a new design, with particular new taillights. And it is precisely these who are talking about them today, when Volkswagen has just published a new teaser video on its page. LinkedIn. This then sneakily reveals what these lights will look like, which benefit from a new pencil stroke. This one is still pretty low-key anyway.

The bumper will also be slightly retouched, but a final overview of the car has not yet been shown. However, it probably won’t be necessary to wait long, while Volkswagen Announces Official Reveal on March 1. A date that coincides with the Investor Day organized by Tesla, during which it will most likely unveil its Model 2.

An electric compact that could then compete precisely with that of Volkswagen, which was one of the best sellers in Europe last year, although behind the production of the American firm. Have the two embarked on a real showdown, while Volkswagen also prepares the launch of a new electric car that would take the place of the thermal Golf? Definitely.

profound changes

It is above all on board that the new ID.3, which will also be available as an SUV, will show the bulk of its innovations. And for good reason, the infotainment system will be completely overhauled, with a new 12-inch touchscreen replacing the current 10-inch one. The brand has made its mea culpa regarding its software part a bit difficult to pick up, and plans to make it more practical by correcting certain flaws, such as too many menus.

That’s not all, because the Volkswagen ID.3 will also be able to receive the remote OTA updates, as in Tesla, Hyundai or Volvo. It will also feature a route planner, Traffic Assist and Park Assist functions, as well as profile saving. The electric compact will continue to be based on the current MEB platform, while the new version will be inaugurated in the SUV variant which should arrive next year.

So she shouldn’t take advantage of autonomy of 700 kilometers and charging power reaching 200 kW. However, it could be revised slightly higher, while it tops out at 135 kW. As a reminder, the ID.3 is available in several versions, with powers between 145 and 204 horsepower and 58 and 77 kW batteries that offer a range of up to 545 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

The first deliveries of the redesigned version are expected by the end of the year, while Volkswagen is already working on the launch of several other vehicles. Starting with an ultra-affordable city car known as the ID.1, as well as new versions of the ID. Buzz, including a sportier one and another with seven seats. An electric Tiguan would also be in the pipeline, as well as an ID.7, announced at CES in Las Vegas.

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