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If Philips hasn’t announced new TVs at CES, other manufacturers have picked up on their Ambilight idea, be it Nanoleaf or Samsung. What do you think of this lighting function on the back of the screen? This was the topic of our poll for the week.

Philips Oled 807
Philips Oled 807 // Source: Philips

This week CES 2023 took place in Las Vegas. The opportunity for all television manufacturers to present their new products during the course of the year. All ? No. Several manufacturers have ignored TVs earlier in the year. This is the case of Sony, which did not reveal televisions, but also of Philips, which will organize a separate event at the beginning of February.

However, the Ambilight technology, well known to fans of Philips TVs, was much talked about during the American show. It must be said that several manufacturers have presented solutions with this lighting concept that extends on the rear wall of the television depending on the content displayed on the screen.

This is the case of Nanoleaf, one of the main competitors of Philips Hue (Signify) in the field of connected lighting. The Canadian brand presented its Nanoleaf 4D kit, that is, an LED strip that will be placed on the back of a 55 to 85-inch television and that will analyze the colors displayed on the screen using a small camera. All for a modest price of 100 euros.

Of course, it is possible to integrate this system within the Nanoleaf ecosystem to synchronize it with larger light panels.

The Nanoleaf 4D Kit
The Nanoleaf 4D Kit // Source : Nanoleaf

More surprisingly, Samsung took advantage of its conference to announce a partnership with Philips Hue. It will be possible, on the Korean giant’s televisions, to install a Philips Hue Sync application -for the modest sum of $130- to be able to synchronize the connected lights of the Dutch brand with the image displayed on a Samsung television.

It should be remembered, however, that Philips televisions are the only ones that natively integrate the Ambilight function, the others need to install a backlight system that must be synchronized with the image on the television, either through a camera or through the HDMI connection.

Ambilight or Ambi I don’t like?

In this context, we wanted to know your feelings about Ambilight technology and the immersion it offers. Are you interested in this function, have you activated it if you have a Philips television or, on the contrary, do you find it too annoying to allow you to immerse yourself in the movies, series or video games that are shown on the screen?

poll of the week

The least we can say is that Ambilight seems to have little effect on its users: in fact, 60.4% enjoy and love it, while 27.7% of those surveyed show some interest in the technology.

Finally, only 9.1% of the participants say they are not very interested in this system, while 2.8% of you have one, but do not necessarily use it. Worldwide, Ambilight seems to seduce.

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