two new electric cars planned for Europe

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Like many other foreign manufacturers of electric cars, Rivian, in turn, should enter the European market. But although it encounters some difficulties, the American firm should not export for at least three years, with a totally new model adapted to our market.

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Do European manufacturers have something to worry about? Without a doubt. Because lately, many young brands are developing and beginning to settle in the Old Continent. Mainly Chinese, such as BYD, Nio or even Xpeng, not to mention MG, which are increasingly worrying specialists who fear that Europe will become more than just an importer. But other American manufacturers, like Lucid with its Air sedan, are also coming to us, little by little.

An arrival but not immediately

Some brands take longer than others to cross the Atlantic, although they do not lack desire. This is particularly the case with Rivian, founded in 2009, first under the name Mainstream Motors, before becoming Avera Automotive a bit later. However, it was not until 2020 that it launched its first model, the R1T, an electric pickup truck presented in 2018 as a concept.

Rival of the Tesla Cybertruck and other Ford F-150 Lightning, this has been accompanied since the beginning of 2021 by the Rivian R1S. This time it is a more conventional electric SUV, hunting on the grounds of the new GMC Hummer EV, among other things. Two very similar models, which should soon be supported by a newcomer.

Credit: MotorTrend

Called R1X, the latter could hit the catalog at the end of next year. But like the others, it should only be sold in the United States, the only market in which the brand is present. However, it is not the desire that Rivian lacks to export itself to us. And for good reason, the manufacturer even signed a partnership with Mercedes last September.

The goal ? Develop electric utility vehicles, a bit like Ford and Volkswagen, who have also joined forces to share their skills. This will be the future electric SUV of the blue oval brand based on the MEB platform of the Wolfsburg firm. Yes, but now, the alliance of Rivian and the brand with the star did not last long, since the divorce was pronounced last December.

a new model

And for good reason, the situation for the American company, which is developing its own network of charging stations, is not looking good. According to an article by the American agency ReutersRivian missed its goal of 25,000 vehicles sold in 2022. In total, 24,337 units were produced in its factory located in Illinois and only 20,332 cars were delivered.

Thus, the arrival in Europe will take a little longer, with the health of the brand still fragile. As the site explains CarScoopRivian should come to us with a model more suitable for our market so as not to take any risk. These would be the future R2S and R2Twhich would take the form of an SUV and a pickup truck, respectively.

Rivian R1S (Rivian 1 SUV)

But we will have to be patient before finding these two vehicles on our roads. And it is not for less, if its launch was scheduled for 2025, it was finally postponed until 2026. So we shouldn’t see anything happen before that year, at least. These vehicles should be assembled at the new Rivian plant located in Georgia, which should be operational in 2024.

It will also be responsible for building the R1X, which will compete with the Mercedes EQG, Jeep Wrangler and other Ford Broncos. Arriving in Europe, the manufacturer will have to find its footing in particular against Tesla and the Chinese brands that also start marketing here. But also to General Motors, which is also preparing its great return to our electric territory.

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