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Miraxess launches a new passive dock to transform a compatible smartphone into a PC. The French start-up does not hesitate to highlight its compatibility with the future Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The French start-up Miraxess was at CES 2023 and takes advantage of the break at the end of the fair to present its new product, the MiraDock passive station, in more detail. The goal of this is to transform a smartphone into a desktop computer in the simplest way possible.

Miraxess Fashion

Miraxess is a startup founded on a very specific idea, that smartphones will one day replace computers. To some extent, they are already capable of this. Back in 2017, we discovered, still at CES, the Mirabook, a passive laptop that works with a smartphone. Five years later, it’s the fixed PC that’s in the crosshairs.

This dock has a USB port on the front to accommodate a smartphone, just like any traditional speaker or dock. However, it uses the DisplayPort via USB connection available on select smartphones to transmit images, sound, and information to external peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, and screen.

On the back there are four USB-A ports (including two 3.0), one RJ45 Ethernet (1 Gb/s), one SD port, one microSD port, two USB-C ports, one jack output, and one HDMI. Enough to connect various devices to the outlet. Miraxess explains that it is possible to connect and display two devices simultaneously and switch between sources with the push of a button.

Compatible with Galaxy S23

As with the Mirabook, the MiraDock requires the smartphone to support DisplayPort over USB. However, a large number of smartphones are satisfied with DisplayLink. Compatible devices include all Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the option DeX (the top of the range since the S8), compatible Huawei smartphones easy projection (the top of the range since the Mate 10) and compatible Motorola smartphones Ready for (G100, G200 and the Edge range). To find out if your phone is compatible, contact the manufacturer’s customer service.

On their page, Miraxess even specifies that “the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the perfect partner for the MiraDock“. A good opportunity to talk about a promising phone that has not yet been announced.

In their FAQ, Miraxess promises to develop an adapter to convert DisplayLink signal to DisplayPort to suit the largest number. Remember that since Android 10, a PC interface (like the ones mentioned above) is natively available in system developer options.

an ecological idea

At present, these solutions are still quite limited. In 2018, we wrote that Samsung Dex is a brilliant but frustrating idea. The principle remains no less visionary. Imagine that this type of dock is easily found almost everywhere and all you have to do is connect your smartphone to work in a safe and familiar environment. Then we would always have ourcomputeron our own, ready to go into productivity mode. So many fewer PCs to buy.

The MiraDock is currently up for pre-order at 139 euros on the Miraxess site for an announced release in the first quarter of 2023.

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