Trek draws a very high-end longtail loadout, but with a big lack

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The American brand Trek is also adding to electric cargo bikes with a longtail type model on the one hand, and a second in a two-rack format on the other. Starting price: 5,000 euros… and an accessory not included as standard that makes you shudder.

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The electric cargo bike segment is booming. Little by little, all the brands are looking at it and reinforcing its catalog of longtail (elongated structure at the rear), biporteur (elongated structure at the front) and triporteur (two wheels at the front or at the rear). to accommodate a cargo box) .

An electric cargo bike aims to replace the car in the city center. Its load capacities and its format allow it to transport people, often children, as well as merchandise or equipment. The objective is to offer a practical and ecological means of transport for families and professionals.

Bosch at the controls

The American brand Trek thus launches two electric cargo bikes: a longtail on one side and a biporter on the other, called Trek Fetch+ 2 and Trek Fetch+ 4, respectively. The first of them is purchased at the price of 5,000 euros, an important investment for any parent who intends to acquire it.

So, at this price, what does the Trek Fetch+ 2 offer? The manufacturer from the other side of the Atlantic turned to Bosch for the first time to motorize its cycle: it is the Performance Line Cargo motor, cut for cargo vehicles and which claims a generous 85 Nm of torque. A very good point and a safe value.

The battery also supplied by Bosch is the 500 Wh PowerTube model – there are more generous Bosch accumulators in terms of energy capacity – both removable and equipped with the German firm’s intelligent system. Inevitably, the weight of the driver and passengers, the assistance mode as well as the type of terrain provided influence the autonomy.

Weighing in at 31kg, the Trek Fetch+ 2 offers a payload capacity of 200kg, the benchmark found on most longtails. Its rear rack can hold up to 72kg – enough strength to transport two small children.

Without standard fenders

As for the other essential components, let’s mention a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain that has nothing else to prove, HD-T737 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes (180mm brake rotor) also reassuring, a dropper seat stem , a center stand, standard footrests and 20-inch Schwalbe Pick-up tires.

Trek decided to assign the same wheel size to the front as to the rear. Some longtails opt for a smaller rear wheel to carry the load lower, which optimizes the stability of the machine. This is the case of the Decathlon Longtail R500Elec for example.

Various questions and black spots can also be raised. For one thing, the comfort of this bike can really be questioned: there’s no suspension fork or suspension seat to absorb shocks. The Schwalbe Pick-up tires are certainly interesting on paper, but they won’t be able to do all the work on their own.

Two, Trek displays a certain stinginess that’s hard to accept: No fenders are supplied as standard. So you will have to pay for an option to protect yourself and your passengers. At €5,000 per bike, this choice clearly makes people cringe.

For the rest, there is nothing shocking: the family kit (bar, padded backrest, padded seats) is logically loaded, just like the bag kit. Trek does not list a specific price on its site. We imagine that we will have to negotiate directly with the reseller.

A two-lane at 8000 euros

For its part, the Fetch+ 4 biporter goes even further in terms of weight and load capacity: 75 kg the same, for 250 kg supported. Equipped with the same engine as its little brother, this model however raises the tone at the battery level, with a 750 Wh Bosch PowerTube.

The rest of its features are detailed below:

  • SR Suntour Mobie A32 suspension fork, 50mm travel;
  • Gates CDX belt drive;
  • CVT hub;
  • telescopic fork;
  • Tektro HD-T737 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes;
  • MIK HD rear grill;
  • Two child seats as standard;
  • Trek Fetch dual-pivot kickstand;
  • Price: 8000 euros.

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