Toyota’s first electric car could cost less in France thanks to… Tesla

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After the big price drop at Tesla, Toyota decided to lower the price of its bZ4X in China. The brand’s first electric car could also benefit from this new pricing policy in France.

Accustomed to playing yo-yo with the prices of its cars, Tesla did very well last January by significantly reducing the price of its Model 3 and Model Y. A drop of up to 13,000 euros, which worries France but also china and united states and that it follows a demand problem for the brand, which had great difficulty selling its stock at the end of last year.

A price war launched by Tesla

As the firm prepared to go through one of the most difficult years in its history, despite the launch of the Cybertruck scheduled for this summer, it decided at the beginning of the year to liquidate its best-selling models. A decision that did not go unnoticed and that had the effect of making his rivals react. Starting with the Chinese brand Xpeng, followed by VinFast, Lucid and even Ford with its Mustang Mach-E in the United States.

However, Ford had claimed a few months earlier that it did not plan to cut prices, but rather to increase profits. But for now, some manufacturers still refuse to participate in this real price war declared by Elon Musk. This is particularly the case with Volkswagen, but also with Renault and Fisker.

Toyota bZ4X // Source: Frandroid

Toyota enters the dance

But now another brand has entered the race. This time it is Toyota, as the Chinese site claims. IT Home retransmitting the information published on the Weibo social network by the Japanese manufacturer that, newcomer to the electric car market, has decided to make a small gesture to its customers. This is how the bZ4X benefits from a 30,000 yuan price reduction, that is, the equivalent of 4,117 euros according to the current exchange rate.

A discount that only concerns the Chinese market At the moment, and that takes the SUV from 199,800 (about 27,354 euros) to 169,800 yuan (about 23,247 euros). Toyota specifies that it is a limited time offer, without indicating a deadline for the moment.

And in France?

Now it remains to be seen if this discount will soon benefit French customers, thus making it possible to increase sales of the electric SUV with complicated beginnings. In fact, the latter had to be discontinued as soon as it was released due to a concern related to wheel detachment. Fortunately, the latter has now been resolved, but it prevented Toyota from producing and marketing the vehicle for almost two months on the other side of the Atlantic.

In China, the figures are slightly better, while 1,487 units were registered throughout December. In France, the rival electric SUV to the Tesla Model Y Subaru Solterra and other Kia EV6s has yet to be delivered to us, although reservations are already open.

At the moment, when visiting the brand’s website, you will notice that the bZ4X is not present in the list of cars in the range and that the page dedicated to it does not yet display prices. . However, we know that it is sold. from 46,900 euros and for little right to the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros. In addition, customers will benefit from an exceptional warranty of up to 10 years and 1 million kilometers, subject to conditions.

For the record, it is available in two versions with two or four-wheel drive and is equipped witha lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh offering a range that goes from 461 to 513 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. Power ranges from 204 to 218 horsepower while the SUV can pick up up to 150 kW on fast charge. So it takes 30 minutes to fill the battery, while the SUV doesn’t use an 800-volt system like its rival, the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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