Toyota little by little begins to believe in electric thanks to its new boss

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While former Toyota boss Akio Toyota said loud and clear that he did not believe in electric, his replacement, Koji Sato, wants to change the brand’s strategy. Thus, the firm plans to accelerate the development of its electric range, currently made up solely of the bZ4X in the world, and the bZ3 in Asia.

It’s a fact, all manufacturers are going to have to go electric sooner or later, especially in the European Union. And rightly so, our leaders have ratified the ban on the sale of thermal cars in the territory, and this from 2035. But that does not prevent some from becoming rebels and not wanting to align themselves with the decision of the great Europeans. authorities.

A new beginning ?

This is precisely the case of Toyota, which has never believed in 100% electric and does not hesitate to make it known. In October, the grandson of the brand’s founder and CEO, Akio Toyoda, claimed that this engine “is not the solution for everything« . According to him, an opinion shared by many other players in the sector, who “They are part of a silent majority“. And for good reason, there are plenty of alternatives, such as synthetic fuel, while the electric car isn’t always necessarily clean.

However, things seem to be slowly changing. Precisely, the boss recently left his position at the head of the Japanese company, to make way for Koji Sato, former president of Lexus and Gazoo Racing. And this unexpected departure should allow the brand to evolve, while this new leader should bring a wind of renewal.

and should start with the implementation of a new electrification strategy of the range. Because at the moment, only one electric model is offered, namely the bZ4X, the launch of which was interrupted by a concern related to the detachment of the wheels. Fortunately, this has already been resolved. Now Toyota wants to take a step forward, since it announced in 2021 its goal of selling 3.5 million electric cars each year by 2030.

A figure far from being reached, while Toyota barely exceeded 24,000 units sold in 2022. According to Koji Sato, quoted by a dispatch from Agence France Presse broadcast by the automotive magazine « while striving to save energy (through hybrid vehicles, editor’s note), in the medium or long term, we will promote the switch to electric vehicles« .

A communication problem

For the new leader,The main problem concerns the way Toyota has communicated so far. in this regard, while the firm has always loudly and clearly proclaimed its mistrust, to the point of trying to prove that electric cars were more harmful to the environment than hybrids.

Si Koji Sato, broadcast by automotive newsadmits that the competitiveness and cost of electric cars will be a big challenge for the brand, he believes thatIt is essential to rethink the brand strategy and radically change the way you work. And that can only be done with Lexus, which will lead the way with the aim of selling one million electric vehicles worldwide by 2030.

The innovations inaugurated in the future models of the high-end brand should then benefit Toyota, in order to make profitable the research and development costs. A completely new platform should equip The next electric cars of the Japanese group from 2026. Additional details will be revealed after Koji Sato officially takes office next April.

Meanwhile, Toyota has just launched its bZ3 sedan in China, which could arrive in Europe a bit later and will later rival the Tesla Model 3. Last December, the manufacturer also lifted the veil on its Hilux Revo BEV, a pick-up. electric. -up that hunts on the grounds of the Ford F-150 Lightning and other recently unveiled RAM 1500 REVs during the Super Bowl.

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