Toyota ensures battery life with this exceptional warranty

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If Toyota shows some distrust towards the electric car, it has just launched its first model, the bZ4X. And the firm wants to convince you to buy it, promising you mountains and wonders in terms of the battery with a 10-year and 1 million kilometer guarantee. But be careful to read the small lines.

To this day, all manufacturers are actively working on the electrification of their range, in view of the 2035 deadline decreed by the European Union. All ? Not really. Because one brand is still strongly opposed to all-electrics and likes to make it known. It is Toyota, which has never really believed in this engine, while its boss Akio Toyoda recently declared that ” electric is not the solution« .

reassure about everything

Indeed, for the Japanese brand, the hybrid would already be quite clean. That is not really the opinion of Europe, which would like this motorization to disappear. So to stay in the race, Toyota has no choice but to line up. This is how the bZ4X was born, the manufacturer’s first electric model, presented in 2021.

If it had a rocky start, with serious wheel-off issues and faulty airbags, which were eventually resolved, all seems well for the electric SUV. Launched in France last year, it finished as a finalist in theelection of the Car of the Year 2023, won by the Jeep Avenger. From now on, this cousin of the Subaru Solterra will have to convince customers to choose it, in an increasingly competitive market.

To do this, Toyota plays the card of serenity. Although autonomy is still a major obstacle to the purchase of an electric car, the brand wants reassure customers about battery life, and especially its wear. Because just like with smartphones, a car battery wears out over time and recharging, especially at high power. Thus, after a few years, the maximum capacity decreases, which later affects the autonomy.

Thus, Toyota announces in the brochure of its bZ4X that the latter’s battery will continue to function at 90% of its original performance, after 10 years or 240,000 kilometers. However, looking at the fine print at the bottom of the page, we notice that the manufacturer specifies that ” the effective guarantee covers a retention of 70% battery capacity after 8 years of use or 160,000 kilometers“. It’s slightly different and significantly less optimistic.

Up to 1 million kilometers

However, it is much more than most other brands. As detailed in an article by the argus, most electric cars on the market are covered for use of more than 160,000 kilometers and for a period of 8 years. Anyway, some exceptions at Mercedes, with an EQS guaranteed for ten years and up to 250,000 kilometers, while the Lexus UX 300e battery is covered in 10 years and a million miles.

A promise also made by Toyota for its bZ4X, as mentioned in the account. theuniverseEV On twitter. Coverage only valid for customers who come to carry out maintenance on their vehicle in the brand’s network on an annual basis. And as specified in the press release of the brand announcing the revelation of the electric SUV, France is also very concerned about this offer (10 years and one million kilometers). But be careful, because to take advantage of it you will have to opt for the battery warranty extension program.

Battery of an MG4

A choice that will also imply making an annual medical check-up in a garage of the brand to take advantage of this advantage. Therefore, Toyota wants to show its customers that they can be trusted. Hopefully this is enough, after the stumbles of the SUV in its early days.

As a reminder, the Toyota bZ4X is available in two versions with two or four wheel drive with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 71.4 kWh. Thus, autonomy ranges between 461 and 513 kilometers WLTP depending on the variant chosen, for a power of between 204 and 218 horsepower. Capable of accumulating up to 150 kW of direct current in a fast terminal, the electric SUV can go from 10 to 80% in 30 minutes. Already available on request, the rival of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and other Kia EV6 is shown from 46,900 euros. Therefore, you are still entitled to the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros.

Last December, the brand also lifted the veil on an electric pick-up and a compact called the bZ3. Destined for China, it should arrive a little later in Europe to compete in particular with the Tesla Model 3.

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