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Samsung is betting on a new charging technique for its Galaxy S23 Ultra, with two key benefits: reducing heating when the device is plugged in, but also improving long-term battery health.

The Galaxy S32 could soon take advantage of a new charging technique to conserve its battery without impacting the user // Source: Samsung

If the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be limited to a fast charge at 45 W, much less fast and demanding on the battery than that of certain Chinese models, Samsung continues to seek solutions to reduce the heating of its batteries while charging, preserving their health in the long run. term.

This is how we learn from XDA Developers that the firm has deployed, in its next high-end smartphones, a new energy supply technique consisting of deactivating the battery when the phone in question is charging. Discovered in the Galaxy S23 Ultra by its first testers, this solution makes it possible to meet these two criteria of reduced heating and battery conservation.

A particularly relevant “anti-heating” function in the game

In this case, this feature is called “Pause USB Power Delivery” and was spotted by the NL Tech YouTube channel in the Samsung Game Launcher options. Specifically, it allows you to put charging on standby when the S23 Ultra is connected to a Power Delivery charger: the charger simply powers the device without touching the battery.

This option is useful to significantly reduce heating, especially when gaming on the device. Battery longevity is also preserved as it doesn’t need to be constantly recharged (especially when it’s already full) when the smartphone is plugged in and this mode is on.

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However, there are some terms that you should know: the activation of this option can only be done if the device has at least 20% autonomy. A pretty minimal restriction. more embarrassing, 9to5Google For his part, he realized that this function is not available on all Galaxy S23. Only the Ultra model appears to be eligible at this time.

The Galaxy S23 (and its different versions) is not yet on the market, Samsung may correct the situation in the coming days to extend this feature to all models. On paper, nothing prevents it. Response in just over a week. Please note that our S23 Ultra model in France also does not contain this option and therefore an update may also be required for this handy feature to be rolled out in more regions of the world.

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