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Although Wi-Fi coverage continues to expand, it must be said that not everyone is always in the same boat. Fortunately there are solutions to remedy this and among them is the TP-Link Wi-Fi Repeater RE330. This router/repeater is seeing a big drop on Amazon for the winter sales. Instead of 69 euros, it is trading at 29 euros.

TP-Link is a particularly active provider of network equipment. The brand has many solutions to improve the Wi-Fi coverage of your home. One of them is the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Range Extender. This model will make the coverage of your network at home homogeneous and constant. And, for the winter sales, it costs 40 euros less.

What to expect from the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Range Extender?

  • WiFi coverage of more than 120 m²
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Connection of up to 18 terminals

Instead of the usual 69 euros, the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Repeater is now available on sale for 29 euros on Amazon.

For the benefit of the whole family

You have two options to connect the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Range Extender to your internet box. The router has an Ethernet port, but you can also connect wirelessly. So you can place it wherever you want in your home. Wherever you place it, this extender will extend Wi-Fi coverage to 120m². The TP-Link Tether app, compatible with Android and iOS, allows you to control your settings.

This RE330 model has a dual-band Wi-Fi connection: 2.4 GHz (300 Mbps) and 5 GHz (867 Mbps). If the former is enough for easy browsing, the latter is more suitable for gaming and streaming. If necessary, you can create a new access point. You have full control through the mobile platform. This model is capable of supporting up to 18 devices. In short, it is for the family.

To get the most out of your box

What’s also great about the TP-Link RE330 WiFi Range Extender is that you don’t have to test the router to find the best place to install it. This model includes a smart signal indicator whose function is to show you the correct place, where the signal strength is strongest, to place the repeater. In this way, you will benefit from optimal coverage. Theter app makes network control much easier. This is also possible through your user account in the group web interface.

To always guarantee a quality connection, there is also the Adaptive Route Selection function. This consists of automatically privileging the fastest connection path from your box instead of always privileging the 5 GHz band. That being said, you should know that this booster optimizes your network better. In no case, multiply by ten the speed of your box.

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