to an ultra-bright OLED display so you won’t be looking at it at night

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The next generation of Samsung Oled screens would offer unprecedented brightness. What definitely fills a defect of the Oled.

Since the rise in popularity of Oleds, the evolution of smartphone screens has slowed down a bit. Still, improvements are needed at the top of the range year after year with ever sharper definition, better dynamic refresh rate, or even an increase in brightness.

It is to the latter that we owe the possibility of somehow reading a screen under sunlight or an improvement in the experience of movies and series in HDR. The next generation of Samsung screens should mark another step in this direction.

Up to 2500cd/m²

The media SamMobileSamsung news specialist, was able to spot two matching statements @OreXda accounts et @VNchocoTaco. The first affirms that Samsung is preparing a new generation of Oled screen capable of increasing the brightness up to 2500 cd/m² when the second promises that this screen will be integrated into the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Such registration brightness should not be activated in a dark environment. Fortunately, smartphones have built-in software protections to trigger this kind of strong glow only if the screen is placed under a very strong light source like the sun.

Apple is a privileged customer of Samsung Display, which can benefit from the best Oled screens from the South Korean manufacturer, sometimes even with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The idea that the iPhone 15 Pro Max can integrate this new generation of screens is therefore far from ridiculous.

On the Samsung side, we will probably have to wait for the Galaxy S24 range to see the light of this screen.

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