This very practical electric car should become the best friend of young parents

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The Chinese brand Arcfox, a subsidiary of the BAIC group, presents its Kaola, an electric car that will delight new parents. Designed for babies, this stroller is equipped with many features that ensure comfort and safety for the whole family.

When the family grows, it’s always a real mess. And in general, it’s time to change the car, to opt for a more spacious model to be able to transport the baby’s things and to be able to install it more easily in the back. But while the offer is plentiful on the market today, it is sometimes difficult to choose. Now a Chinese brand arrives with a new model that could change the situation.

A minivan designed for babies

Baptized Kaola (and not Koala), this minivan has just been presented by Arcfox, a still unknown manufacturer of the Chinese BAIC group, which has several joint ventures with Hyundai and Mercedes in particular. Quite different from the other models in the range, namely the αS and αT, this new arrival plays the playfulness card, with its style that makes it look like a real toy.

With false airs of Volkswagen ID.3, the electric minivan adopts clean and aerodynamic lines, with the door handles integrated into the body and the complete grille. Also note the presence of tires designed to reduce air resistance, although the Cx has not been revealed by the manufacturer at the moment. But if at first glance this car seems quite conventional, you have to take a look at the doors to notice a small subtlety.

In fact, if the driver’s side is equipped with conventional swing doors, theThe passenger side has a sliding door. can be opened without hands. Thus, access to the rear seats is facilitated, to be able to install a baby in her seat. Furthermore, and as explained Chinese car newsa sensor detects the arrival of the parents and automatically opens the door, while the rear seat rotates to facilitate installation.

If most brands are at war with the one that will have the biggest screen, like Aehra with its SUV that can be transformed into a cinema, this is not the case with this Arcfox Kaola. In fact, hardly any pictures of the dashboard have been shown, and the manufacturer is content to mention a large screen to monitor the children in the back, but also to take your picture. The infotainment system is also equipped with an integrated calendar, which makes it possible, in particular, to record all medical appointments for mother and baby.

Numerous sensors monitor the sleep of the latter and allow modulate air conditioning and audio system, whose sound can only be sent to the front during nap time. On the contrary, if the little ones are restless, the car plays relaxing music and adjusts the brightness. Newborns are also comfortably installed in a custom-made infant car seat. Finally, a sensor is capable of detecting when the diaper is full, while the air is evacuated to the outside to limit bad odours.

Practical features

Of course, parents benefit from numerous storage spaces, including a space to install four bottles. The temperature can be controlled directly via the smartphone. The new Kaola also incorporates a changing table as well as curtains that allow the mother to breastfeed discreetly. Finally, the passenger seat can be tilted 180 degrees to allow the latter to rest.

The car is equipped with an air conditioning system to filter out germs, bacteria and pollen, as well as integrated UV lamps that also kill viruses on surfaces. Finally, the curtain airbag has been specially designed for the safety of newborns, thanks to its greater volume.

On the other hand, Arcfox has not revealed information about the dimensions, and in particular the volume of the trunk, for the moment. The Chinese company has not announced the technical characteristics of its minivan either, it has an electric motor. If it is not yet known when it will be released, the Chinese market will of course be taken care of as a priority.

However, it is not excluded that Kaola will one day reach Europe, while more and more Asian brands arrive. This is particularly the case with VinFast, BYD, Nio or even XPeng, not to mention MG which should find a good place with its MG 4, a direct rival to the Renault Mégane E-Tech.

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