this ultra-compact model proves that electric cars can be affordable

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Baic enters the segment of mini-urban cars with its new Jiabao, an electric car with a price of less than 7,000 euros. At the moment only reserved for China, he could damage the Dacia Spring if he ever arrived with us. Which cannot be ruled out.

At the moment

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Founded in 1958, baic motor is a Chinese group unknown in Europe but very important in their native country. With shares in both Daimler and Hyundai, the Asian firm also produces its own cars through various brands such as Beijing or Arcfox, which formalized its Kaola a few weeks ago. It is then an electric car designed for young parents and offers many smart features for babies.

a new arrival

If the group talks about him today, it is also because of the arrival of a new model. the chinese site is home in fact announces the official revelation of the Baic Jiabao, an urban microcar which should then notably compete with the Geometry Panda Mini that has also just been presented. But not only, as it will also hunt on the grounds of the Tata Motors-designed Tiago.ev as well as the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV.

Showing a length of only 3.53 meters by 1.50 meters wide and 1.61 meters tall, this newcomer to the market sports a much more aggressive style than the adorable Panda Mini. Then we find more angular optics, which extend into a wide black band that incorporates the brand’s logo. The entire grille is surrounded by fog lights, while the rear features rectangular lights.

with five doors this Baic Jiabao can accommodate up to four people on board while its wheelbase measures only 2.28 meters. If the volume of the trunk has not been specified, it should not be able to accommodate a large number of businesses. The presentation of the driving position is very modern, with a large digital panel that incorporates a touch screen and a digital terminal. with a diagonal of 7 to 20.25 inches depending on the chosen finish.

It will be possible to connect your smartphone, but nothing has been said about compatibility with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. It is also specified that the car will be equipped witha voice control system, as well as navigation. On the other hand, we will have to wait before having more information about the complete technological endowment of the urban car.

no fast charge

Based on Baic’s Starry Sky platform, as specified by the Chinese site autohomethis newcomer to the range shows a power of 25 kW, the equivalent of 34 horsepower per 100 Nm of torque, all sent to the rear wheels. For comparison, the Dacia Spring develops between 44 and 65 horsepower in its official Extreme version a few weeks earlier.

However, two batteries are offered, offering a range of between 122 and 172 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Be careful, because this is much more optimistic than our European WLTP, for which around 15% must be removed, which corresponds to 104 and 146 kilometers. The Spring can travel up to 230 kilometers on a single charge. notice that the Baic Jiabao does not support fast charging and then it takes seven hours to fill its battery.

The recipe for an affordable electric car

A real shortcoming for the city car, which is however compensated by an ultra-affordable price. and for cause, this one is shown from 46,900 yuan, which is equivalent to 6,446 euros. It is even less than the 7,700 euros requested by the Citroën Ami and incomparable with the 20,800 euros of the Dacia Spring. But there is no doubt that prices will be revised upwards if Baic Jiabao arrives here, to pay import and customs duties.

Which is not ruled out, while many Chinese brands have now decided to bet on the European market, such as Nio, Xpeng, BYD or even MG, which will expand the range of its MG 4 with a more efficient version, a rival to Tesla. Model 3 performance. A situation that still worries specialists, while the Old Continent could end up becoming a simple importer by 2025.

In Europe, we currently don’t have ultra-affordable electric cars. The recipe is simple, however, as this car demonstrates: a small form factor and a small battery. Enough to produce an electric car using much less material. This type of car covers most of the needs of an electric car very well. Remember that most French people currently travel less than 50 km per day on average with their car according to ipsos.

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