This stylish electric city bike relies on its natural and responsive handling.

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Sub-brand of the manufacturer Trek, Electra receives a new urban electric bike called Loft Go! 7D equalizer. The latter has the particularity of carrying a torque sensor for 2000 euros.

Electra Loft Let's go!  7D equalizer (3)
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In the world of bicycles and e-bikes, Trek has a good, solid reputation. Its FX+ model won us over especially for its agility, dynamism and controlled design. On the other hand, the average autonomy and the somewhat slow force sensor had cooled us off.

The American manufacturer has several sub-brands to maximize its attack force in the market. Among them, Electra, whose Kakau Go presented in September 2022 caught our attention for its vintage style and cruiser motorcycle. The catalog is now reinforced by a more conventional urban model: the Loft Go! 7D equalizer.

A force sensor always welcome

Available in an open or closed frame, this new frame seeks to offer a balanced technical sheet at the most contained price possible: 2,000 euros, or approximately the average price of an e-bike in France. The main strength of Loft Go! 7D EQ is your torque sensor at the heart of your system.

With it, the cyclist receives an electrical transmission whose intensity is proportional to the force exerted on the pedals. This type of sensor ensures a more supple, natural and responsive ride – they are generally in the VAE to €2000 ranges, even if this technology starts to become more popular on more affordable bikes.

We are thinking specifically of the Nakamura E-Crossover V (1,600 euros) and Decathlon LD 500E (1,700 euros), and more exceptionally of the NCM C5 available for around 1,000 euros. The attic Come on! 7D EQ is also based on a maximum range of 65 km provided by the 250 Wh battery. Unfortunately, the battery is not removable.

a couple a little light

It is also worth tempering this theoretical range of action, since it was probably obtained from the weakest support mode. At least that’s how the vast majority of hip bike builders like to communicate. For its part, the recharging time is 4 hours.

Positioned in the rear wheel hub, the 250W motor claims a torque of 40Nm. Again, we would have preferred the Electra to go higher at this point: the aforementioned Decathlon and Nakamura go up to 45 and 80Nm of torque, respectively, for lower rates of several hundred euros.

In terms of braking, disappointment is again in order regarding the integrated mechanical disc brakes. At this price, hydraulic disc brakes have plenty of room to provide even more quality and more powerful braking.

The Shimano Acera M360 transmission also belongs to the world of beginners, for an e-bike that nevertheless seeks to position itself on the border between the mid-range and high-end.

Well equipped as standard

28-inch wheels, vintage studded saddle that deserves character, hand-stitched Electra Custom grips, Spanninga headlight, Bluetooth display, kickstand, mudguards, 21kg weight and 136kg payload – that’s it. what to remember from the rest of the data sheet. Also note the sleek, curved look of the open-frame model.

As a reminder, Electra Loft Go! 7D EQ is available on the official website for the price of 1999 euros. But as you have been able to verify during this article, there are more affordable and interesting alternatives on the market.

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