This starter kit for the Tado° V3+ connected thermostat is at -40%

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If you want to control your energy consumption, betting on a connected thermostat is a very good solution. You can, for example, opt for the starter kit including the Tado° V3+ connected thermostat, which currently benefits from a reduction on Amazon: instead of 269.99 euros, it is now offered at 169.99 euros.

The connected thermostat Tado° V3+ // Source: Amazon.

In this context of rising energy prices, monitoring consumption is increasingly useful to try to lower the bill at the end of the month. To control this consumption, while reducing our ecological impact, there are several solutions. Connected thermostats are one of them: they allow us to control the temperature inside so as not to unnecessarily heat certain rooms at certain times of the day. The Tado° V3+ Starter Kit, for example, offers this, and the advantage is that its price benefits from a reduction of 100 euros.

The strengths of Tado° V3+

  • Smart programs to maintain a good temperature
  • Compatible with most heating systems.
  • Compatible with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri

First offered at €269.99, the Tado° V3+ Starter Kit is now listed at €169.99 on Amazon.

An easy to install kit

First of all, know that installing a Tado° V3+ connected thermostat is very simple. All you have to do is connect the internet bridge provided in this kit to your network so it can communicate with the thermostat. The brand application will guide you step by step to complete the installation. Also note that the Tado° V3+, which is also wireless, is compatible with most heating systems (boiler, gas, oil heating, etc.) and manufacturers. Therefore, you can attach it to your boiler, for example.

Control room temperature in no time

Once installed, the Tado° V3+ will allow you to control and regulate the temperature of your rooms to take measures that reduce your consumption. With this connected thermostat you can, for example, program the temperature of each room individually to obtain the ideal temperature throughout the day, whether you are at home or not. The device will also be able to measure the temperature and humidity in the room to ensure that the air quality is good. In addition, the product can remind you to adjust the temperature of your home when there is no one in your home anymore, or if someone in your home has returned, so as not to heat up unnecessarily. Likewise, the application will notify you if it detects an open window so that you can turn off the heating, in order to avoid any loss of energy.

Also note that, if necessary, you can subscribe to the AutoAssist function, which takes care of adapting your heating if your windows are open or nobody is home. With this subscription, it is not necessary to intervene manually to turn off the heating: the application takes care of it. Finally, we can also count on compatibility with the main voice assistants, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, but also Siri, for all your voice requests.

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