This small outdoor camera that films in 1080p is sold at -30% on Amazon

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A connected surveillance camera is a good asset to know what happens at home in your absence. The Ring Stick Up Cam fulfills this role well, all for less than 70 euros thanks to this offer.

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Most Ring security cameras are good for keeping your home safe. The latter is reassuring and allows you to monitor your home in real time, and this – for a long time. Already offered with excellent value for money, it is now cheaper thanks to a discount of 30 euros on its initial price.

What is the Ring Stick Up Cam?

  • An easy to install wireless outdoor camera
  • Films in 1080p and has night vision
  • Detect movements and alerts in real time

Normally sold at 99.99 euros, the Ring Stick Up Cam wireless outdoor camera is now available on sale at 69.99 euros on Amazon. It’s the same price in Boulanger.

We also find the set of two Ring Stick Up Cam cameras on sale: 119.98 euros instead of 200.97 euros.

A camera with battery, quick to install

The Ring Stick Up Cam is very versatile. It has the particularity of being able to be installed both outside and inside. Its wireless design makes it easy to move it according to your needs: you can place it on a flat surface, or directly on the wall.

It is still primarily designed for the outdoors, and is capable of withstanding bad weather and coping with the vagaries of temperature (-20°C to 50°C). Being wireless, the latter is battery-powered. In addition, it provides enough autonomy to be quiet for a good month, and since it is removable, it will be easy to recharge it.

Standard functions, but effective

The Stick Up Cam incorporates a camera that offers 1080p definition, to produce clean images that can sometimes lack detail, but are still usable. With this camera you can secure your home day and night, since it has infrared night vision. The device offers a 130° field of view to cover as many perimeters as possible. The microphones are also there to hear what’s going on outside, and if you’re waiting for someone, the speakers are there so you can let the person know you’re arriving at the door, for example.

And, to ensure good security, the Ring camera is capable of detecting movements. Also, through the dedicated app, you can receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet when motion detection detects a human presence. Amazon says users can create ‘detection zones’ to reduce unnecessary alerts in high-traffic areas, ideal for not vibrating your phone every 5 minutes. Of course, it is compatible with the Amazon assistant and connects to the giant’s devices. To take full advantage of all these features, subscription to the service is free for 30 days, then it costs 3.99 euros per month.

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A connected surveillance camera is a good asset to know what happens at home in your absence. Here are our recommendations to find the most suitable camera for your interior.
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