This serious rival of Tesla Model 3 has that little detail that Elon Musk did not want

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Four years after its revelation, BYD Han offers itself a slight mid-race restyling for its official arrival in France. About the program of this Chinese electric car that promises to be as good as a Tesla Model S for the price of a Model 3: greater comfort as well as the arrival of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as the Apple CarKey virtual key.

BYD is probably one of the manufacturers you will be hearing a lot about in the coming years. And for good reason, the Chinese firm, founded in 1995, is slowly beginning to encroach on the European market, as MG in particular has done before. A development closely followed by specialists, which then began with Norway, but which is accelerating, while the brand was present at the last Paris Motor Show in October.

New styling and improved infotainment system

Several models were then exhibited, namely the Tang SUV, the Atto 3 and the Han, a rival electric sedan to the Tesla Model S. Introduced in 2019 during the Shanghai show, this one is offered at the beginning of the ‘year a slight mid-race restylinge, which should certainly benefit Europe and France. Remember, in fact, that it is currently marketed in France.

And it starts with a slightly modified design, as the Chinese site explains. is home which conveys the first information. If we are not to expect a radical change, this new version offers in particular a new Glacier Blue body color. as specified Chinese car newsthe new versions that offer a range of 506 and 605 kilometers in the Chinese CLTC cycle take up the aesthetic elements of the Genesis Edition that stylize the range.

According to the first blurry images visible on the net, theThe aesthetic evolutions remain very discreet anyway.. And for good reason, we found a front end that looks strictly identical to the electric sedan we spotted at Porte de Versailles last fall. On the other hand, there’s a lot going on in the cabin, even assuming the presentation shouldn’t change too much, exterior design-wise.

Apple and Google make their arrival

According to initial information, this new version will finally be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A priori, these two functions should reach the entire range (Han, Tang and Atto 3) via OTA updates. A big step forward that allows the sedan to take a small step ahead of Tesla, which does not yet offer this feature. Plus, the standard infotainment system we weren’t particularly thrilled During our first practice, the presence of these two functions allows us to considerably improve the experience.

The other great novelty is the presence of a 5G modem instead of 4G for data, which allows for a better connection, in particular to display the map or even connected functions such as video streaming.

And above all… compatibility with Apple CarKey. It is rare that it is mentioned, since there are not many cars in the world that incorporate this feature.

Launch in March

Another piece of good news, the redesigned BYD Han now supports 5G connectivity, allowing for a better connection, particularly for map display or even connected features like video streaming. It is also developing its technological endowment with the arrival of a blind spot detection system.

But that’s not all, because it also offers a new alloy suspension, standard on all versions. For its part, the traction variant (not available for sale in Europe) benefits fromstandard adaptive damping also.

The range of engines does not change one iota for the saloon, which is also offered with all-wheel drive. The powers are then included andbetween 180 and 380 kW (about 245 and 516 horsepower) for a maximum torque of 350 to 700 Nm.

Three levels of range are also available, namely 506, 605 and 715 kilometers, according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Then it is rather necessary to have 430, 514 and 607 kilometers WLTP. In France, only the 4WD (all-wheel drive) version is mentioned on the brand’s website, with a range of 521 kilometers. It is then the Chinese version of 610 kilometers of autonomy. The version of 715 kilometers of autonomy (which would give about 600 km in European approval) with propulsion is not considered in Europe.

Source: Marie Lizak

Compare, The Tesla Model S can travel up to 634 kilometers for a 0 to 100 km/h achieved in 3.2 seconds in its standard version, compared to 3.9 seconds for the four-wheel drive Han.

If the autonomy of the Chinese sedan does not seem to change according to the first data, it now offers a heat pump, which helps to reduce consumption related to heating and air conditioning and, therefore, should have an impact on the distance that can be travel. on a single charge. A heated steering wheel also makes its debut, as well as a new audio system.

The car is expected to be officially presented in the coming weeks, as it Its launch is scheduled for the month of March. The price of this new BYD Han EV has not yet been announced, but it should work around 225,000 yuan, or around 30,650 euros. An even more affordable price than the Model 3, but let’s remember that this could be much higher in Europe, as is the case with the current version, with a difference of approximately 27,500 euros. We will have to see when the arrival of this version to the Old Continent is scheduled.

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