This scooter sold at -32% becomes more interesting than Xiaomi’s during sales

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Generally less expensive, Xiaomi scooters have seen their price rise, even on affordable models. That is why the Ninebot KickScooter D28E is highly recommended: powerful and durable, it costs 140 euros less and costs less than 300 euros on sale.

After having enriched its catalog with new references, Xiaomi has increased the price of its two-wheeled devices. The one with a range of 25 km of autonomy is sold for around 450 euros. Fortunately, there are other manufacturers that offer electric scooters that are just as recommendable and sometimes better… This is the case, for example, of the Segway company -one of the leaders in the urban mobility market- that offers many notable references, including the Ninebot Segway D28E that currently drops 140 euros from its price.

What is the Ninebot D28E?

  • Both elegant and robust.
  • Capable of climbing slopes of 15° with its 300 W motor
  • With an autonomy capable of climbing up to 28 km

Offered at 439 euros, Segway’s Ninebot D28E electric scooter is on sale for less than 32% and is now listed at 299 euros on the Amazon site, as well as on the e-merchant E.Leclerc.

Good build quality

The Ninebot D28E looks great with its red metal frame that frames the platform. The manufacturing quality is there, we are entitled to a clean and robust design. This scooter is also IPX5 certified so it can brave the rain and resist splashes, but be careful not to hit puddles.

Regarding driving, the 10-inch tires (with an inner tube) offer very good damping. They must allow the scooter to move over rougher surfaces without the vibrations being unbearable and thus achieve a smoother ride. To ensure safety, a dual regenerative braking system is present for added safety and stability. Ninebot does not forget about comfort and incorporates a fairly wide and comfortable platform. Its weight of 15 kilos does not make it the lightest in its category, but the D28E can be easily transported. Its quick folding system also makes it easier, and it becomes more compact to be able to take your scooter on public transport, or store it in your car.

Enough for daily trips.

To move around the city, the Segway D28E scooter offers a 300 W motor sufficient to reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and therefore remains within the French legal limit. So, if there is a big climb on the road, know well that it is capable of climbing slopes with an inclination of about 15°. Added to this are three available riding modes: eco, standard and sport, which can be accessed via the LCD screen on the handlebars, and which can be changed even during the race. You can also check speed, riding modes and battery status.

Finally, to last over time, the device expects a range of 28 km. This score will necessarily change based on your driving. It is a small figure compared to the 65 km of autonomy offered by Ninebot’s high-end scooter, but it must be remembered that this model is designed above all for short trips. Whether it is to get bread from the bakery, or to see a loved one, this model will be more than enough for your needs. And if you’re driving at night, you can rely on a high-brightness 2.5W integrated LED light, illuminating the road and making you perfectly visible to other road users, without blinding them.

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