This Samsung wireless charger that charges 3 devices is 3 times cheaper

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Do you want a single charger to charge your smartphone, headphones and connected watch at the same time? This Samsung Wireless Trio charger is ideal! Instead of 99.99 euros, it is now possible to get it for only 29.95 euros.

Wireless charging is a very practical technology to avoid constantly disconnecting and plugging in to charge your device, since generally it is enough to put it on a base for it to recover energy. Samsung offers a large number of references in this field and today the one that interests us is the fast wireless charger trio, since it currently costs 70 euros less.

The strengths of the Samsung charger

  • Discreet and portable
  • Charge three devices at the same time
  • Delivers up to 9W of power

Basic at 99.99 euros on the official website, then reduced to 49.95 euros, the Samsung trio wireless charger with fast charging costs only 29.95 euros thanks to a valid ODR until 03/31.

A practical and discreet charger

At once compact and unobtrusive, Samsung’s trio of wireless chargers won’t stain your desk. It is also ideal to take everywhere: only 320 g. With its flat surface, it will be able to house a wide variety of devices compatible with wireless charging: smartphones, earphone cases, etc. And, without having to remove their shell or protective cover. However, they must not exceed 5 mm in thickness.

If you put it on your nightstand, the indicator lights that indicate the charge level will dim as night falls so as not to disturb your sleep. Convenient.

Effective for Galaxy and other devices…

Returning to its main function, this small Qi-certified wireless charger will allow you to charge all compatible devices up to 9W. The name “Trio” comes from the fact that you can simultaneously charge three devices, such as your smartphone, your headphone box and your clock connected. Charging speed may vary by device. It may also vary depending on usage, charging conditions, if you charge all three devices at the same time, the speed is reduced.

This wireless charger incorporates Samsung’s proprietary fast charging protocol, which therefore benefits the South Korean giant’s devices. If you don’t just have Samsung products, you can be sure that the station is also compatible with any Qi-certified device. In this case, the charge level will increase to a maximum of 7.5 W, so it is twice less than before.

Other alternatives to charge your devices

If you want to compare Samsung’s 3-in-1 wireless charger with other references currently on the market, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best induction wireless chargers for smartphones in 2023.

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