This Samsung sound bar (DTS:X, Dolby Atmos) comes with speakers for less than €450

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If you want a complete audio package to enhance the sound from your TV, you can worry-free opt for the Samsung Q-Series HW-Q60B sound bar and a free speaker kit. On the Samsung site, everything is offered at 449 euros instead of 698 euros.

The barre of are Samsung Q-Series HW-Q60B // Source : Samsung.

Since sound is usually the main weak point of televisions, including the most expensive ones, it is always better to bet on a sound bar, which offers a much more powerful sound. And if you also complete it with speakers, expect to transform your living room into a mini cinema. This is precisely what is offered by the pack currently offered by Samsung, which offers a speaker kit for the purchase of a Q-Series HW-Q60B sound bar, which in turn benefits from a promotion.

Samsung’s audio package in a nutshell

  • A soundbar that supports DTS:X and Dolby Atmos
  • With the Q-Symphony system
  • A wireless rear speaker kit

First offered at €499, the Samsung Q-Series HW-Q60B soundbar is now listed at €449 on Samsung’s site. And if you add the SW-9200S wireless rear speaker kit to your basket, worth 199 euros, they will offer it to you: the two products are sold like this at 449 euros instead of 698 euros on samsung .com.

The SW-9200S Wireless Rear Speaker Kit is free with the purchase of a Q Series HW-Q60B Sound Bar from the Samsung website.

A soundbar that focuses on immersion

Like most of Samsung’s soundbars, the Q-series reference HW-Q60B adopts a minimalist black design that suits any interior décor. We will have the right to contained dimensions (1030.0 x 57.0 x 105.0 mm), which will be very practical to slide it under your television. It will also be possible to fix it to the wall thanks to its hanging system.

In addition to its design, the main asset of this model continues to be its ability to offer a 3D sound environment, which reinforces immersion. In fact, the Samsung HW-Q60B is compatible with Dolby Atmos technologies, which guarantees wide and immersive sound, and DTS:X, which will allow us to benefit from optimized sound reproduction, in particular, with very present bass for a perfect result. surround. To top it off, this 3.1 channel sound bar has a whopping 7 speakers and comes with a wireless subwoofer. Plus, with the included speaker kit, you can enjoy even more immersive sound, without the hassle of cables tangling around your TV.

useful functions

Buying several Samsung products can have great advantages. In fact, if you have a Samsung QLED TV, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the Q-Symphony feature included in the HW-Q60B sound bar. Specifically, this technology is responsible for synchronizing the speakers of the sound bar with those of a QLED TV for greater immersion and better sound power. For gamers, a Gaming Pro mode will also be available.

Another rather practical feature: the HW-Q60B has the Tap Sound function, thanks to which you can pair your smartphone with a simple tap on the bar and play your favorite titles on the soundbar, which will then become a speaker. You can also, thanks to Bluetooth, associate several devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) simultaneously. Finally, on the connectivity side, we can count on an HDMI output, with HDMI CEC and ARC. Also keep in mind that a single remote will be enough to control your TV and soundbar.

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