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For several years, Samsung has been one of the essential brands in the sound bar market thanks to a catalog of premium references that is updated periodically. If you are looking for a high-end equipment to plug into your 4K television and feel like you are in the cinema, you will surely find what you are looking for. You can even take advantage of this promotion on the Samsung HW-Q800B that goes from 899.99 euros to 499.99 euros in Boulanger.

Samsung’s Q series includes high-end sound bars that pair perfectly with Samsung’s QLED TVs and have a wide range of features. This equipment offers you a premium immersive experience, powerful enough to feel like you are in the cinema from your living room sofa. Among them, the Samsung HW-Q800B sound bar, which promises to flow refined sound through your pipes, is much more accessible thanks to this immediate 45% discount on its starting price.

The Samsung HW-Q800B has great arguments

  • Wireless Dolby Atmos
  • Balanced and amazing sound
  • simple use

Launched at €899, but more commonly displayed at the strike-out price of €799, the Samsung HW-Q800B is now available for sale at €499.99 at Boulanger.

An easy-to-use premium soundbar

The Samsung HW-Q800B soundbar impresses a bit with its 111 cm length, but it’s still easy to install, it will find its place perfectly under a 50-inch TV, for example. It is accompanied by a wireless subwoofer with a matte black metal surface just like the bar. On the back of the soundbar, you’ll find an HDMI eARC input, an HDMI input, and an optical input. We can regret that the connection does not support 4K 120fps streams for gaming.

Once installed, it’s relatively easy to use, especially if you have a Samsung smartphone. With the Tap Sound feature, you can connect your smartphone to your soundbar and launch your best sounds by placing it directly on top of it. And, even if you have another model, you can configure your equipment with the SmartThings app. Whether it’s for volume management, equalization or spatialization, it’s a piece of cake. You are ready to enjoy Dolby Atmos!

A high-flying sound experience

The equipment is configured in 5.1.2 channels and sends a power of 360 W RMS. With a total of 11 speakers, two of which are upright, you’ll be surrounded by sound and you’ll think you’re in the movies. The sound is balanced and amazing, and the subwoofer is responsive and dynamic. Spatialization is even more convincing thanks to the SpaceFit feature that calibrates your soundbar according to the dimensions of your room. We only regret that surround mode, while widening the soundstage, is less accurate.

The great specificity of the Samsung Q series soundbars is the Q-Symphony technology. Compatible with Samsung QLED TVs, the Q-Symphony system synchronizes the soundbar’s playback with that of your TV’s speakers. So you can enjoy extra speakers and optimal immersion, whether it’s for a naughty blockbuster or a musical. Clearly, here we have a sound bar that does justice to the rest of the high-end references from the South Korean manufacturer.

In order to compare the Samsung HW-Q800B with other products in the same category, we now invite you to consult our guide on the best sound bars for all budgets.

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