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If you no longer want to waste time vacuuming, we have found the effective solution: the Dreame W10 vacuums and cleans your floors efficiently and for more than 3 hours. To this day, it is shown in promotion at 649 euros compared to 1,099 euros when it was released.

Dreame W10 // Source: official site

The manufacturer iRobot has established itself with its robot vacuum cleaners, to become a reference in the sector. The only criticism that can be made of the brand is the price of its products, which are generally quite high. This is where the competition comes out of the game, offering equivalent devices at a more affordable price. The Dreame brand designed by Xiaomi demonstrates this with its top-of-the-range W10 model, which is very efficient at vacuuming and washing at the same time. List today with a discount of 450 euros on its original price.

The strengths of the Dreame W10

  • A powerful vacuum cleaner that can map your home
  • Equipped with two rotating mops to wash the floor.
  • And solid autonomy

Launched at €1,099, the Dreame W10 robot vacuum cleaner has since been available at €799, but is currently discounted to €649 on Amazon’s site.

effective cleaning

The Dreame W10 is a robot vacuum cleaner that stands out for its D-shaped design. With rounded square edges, it can more easily clean corners that may be inaccessible to certain competing models. It is capable of cleaning carpets, tiles and wooden floors thanks to its good suction power: 4000 Pa.

To repair itself at home, it relies on a LiDAR sensor that will map your entire home. The W10 will be able to detect small objects scattered on the floor, such as toys, as well as furniture or cables, and will easily avoid them to avoid getting stuck. It also detects empty areas, on stairs, for example, to limit the risk of falls. So you can let it suck without worrying about it. Through the application you can suggest routines. You choose when it should start and where it should go, so as not to be disturbed during the process. You can also target or prohibit the areas you want to clean.

significant advantages

The Dreame W10 not only vacuums the floor, but also washes it. It is equipped with two rotating mops for deep cleaning. The robot will be able to precisely control the flow of water being poured onto the floor, to avoid wasting or over-wetting a carpet, for example. With its water tank, the mops are automatically cleaned in the charging station thanks to water jets that remove residual dirt.

Its other advantage lies in its automatic emptying station. This simply allows you to not have to deal with your robot vacuum for several weeks at a time. Once the latter finishes cleaning his accommodation, he will come to the station to recharge his batteries. Furthermore, with a 6400 mAh battery, the Dreame W10 can clean a 300 m² house and last about 210 minutes on a single charge.

To help you choose your robot vacuum cleaner

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