This powerful Google AI generates music from simple text

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Google is developing a new artificial intelligence tool called MusicLM. Its principle is simple: you explain in writing what kind of music you want to listen to, and the AI, in response, automatically generates it.

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Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is going to be the new workhorse of multinationals in the coming years. ChatGPT’s meteoric explosion has reshuffled the cards and given the anthill a kick, even causing a few cold sweats in some large groups.

As a reminder, this chatbot is able to respond to any request with structured, relevant, simple and complete feedback, even if there are errors, all in just a few seconds. Its enormous success has recently pushed OpenAI to monetize its tool through a paid subscription.

MusicLM at your service

Faced with this small revolution, the resistance is organizing: Google is obviously in the front line to defend its interests and show what it is capable of. Here is MusicLM, the response of the Californian giant in the field of artificial intelligence.

As its name suggests, MusicLM delves into the musical universe. The idea is simple: all you have to do is type a description of the melody with more or less precision, it’s up to you, and the AI ​​will generate a piece of music that matches your search. This project was discovered through a research article published on January 26.

The article in question is signed by a dozen Google employees. By way of example, this written description is quoted in particular: a ” relaxing violin melody combined with a distorted guitar riff“. Google also claims to be able to create a 90s techno track from Berlin, with a powerfulkick.

A preview version is already online

To get a glimpse of its future AI, Google has brought the MusicCaps service online, which is similar to a preview version of MusicLM. A total of 5,500 melodies generated by its AI from written text are available on the Github account of the California firm.

At the moment, MusicLM has not been rolled out to the general public, for various reasons. Google mentions in particular problems related to plagiarism that have not yet been resolved. According to the study, 1% of the generated examples seem to roughly correspond to existing music.

Representation and cultural appropriation are also part of the ethical challenges facing Google.

AI in the spotlight

This first offensive by the giant demonstrates the extent to which artificial intelligence is at the center of its projects. To reinforce this observation, just take a look at the company’s recent activities: Sergey Brin and Larry Page would have simply been called in to speed up their AI-related plans.

Recently, the colossus of four colors laid off no less than 12,000 people. It was also an opportunity for Sundar Puchai, its CEO, to remember how crucial AI was to the future of the company. “We are prepared to face it with courage and responsibility.“, he had explained.

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