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The range of BMZ engines is interesting on the one hand for its versatility and on the other for its model that claims an impressive torque of 112 Nm.

Source: NOX via eBike News

In an electric bicycle, the motor is one of the key parts without which nothing would happen. It is also one of the most expensive components, along with the battery. the information site Electric Bike News It is precisely the replacement of an interesting range of engines, and whose torque of the most powerful model necessarily challenges.

Mainly known for its batteries, the manufacturer BMZ has also positioned itself in the niche of motor systems. His “BMZ RS” is thus one of the most powerful on the market… in terms of torque. As a reminder, the torque affects the starts, the times and the ability of the bike to climb a strong positive difference in level, for example.

More than 100 Nm of torque

The higher the torque, the more dynamic the bike will be. In the city, for example, a torque of 60 Nm is usually enough to satisfy the main needs. Except that here, the “BMZ RS” achieves an impressive torque of 112 Nm, for a total weight of 3.6 kg. For whom? To electric mountain bikes, simply.

Having to survey difficult and extreme terrain, eMTBs are often equipped with the most advanced components on the market… at very expensive prices. But BMZ is not satisfied with addressing this more niche practice, since its “BMZ GT” engine is available in several versions, let’s say more urban.


In fact, the “BMZ GT” is designed according to three different torque levels: 55, 75 or 85 Nm. This system weighs the same as its big brother and benefits from the same IP56 certification. The first number means that it is dustproof, while the second number guarantees protection against water jets.

The thing is, these torque thresholds make the GT motor suitable for city e-bikes, but also for hybrid bikes that need a little more dynamism on beaten paths or other small, slightly rutted paths. It should be noted that BMZ engines comply with current European laws: they drive a bicycle up to a maximum of 25 km/h.

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