This new French brand of electric scooters draws two very promising 125 cc

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The electric scooter market is growing rapidly, with a very wide range of 50cc equivalents, but also a growing choice of 125cc models, which are more powerful and better suited to the fast lanes. It is in this context that the new French brand Murtas Motorcycles embarks on the adventure, announcing two 125 cc models.

If the Murtas Motorcycles brand does not mean anything to you, it is normal, since it has just been born. Based in the Montpelier region, it designs its models in France and also stocks spare parts for its two-wheelers in France. The company enters the market with the announcement of two new 125cc equivalent electric scooters, which look very promising, all at a fairly contained price.

An experienced founder

Patrice Murtas, founder of the brand, specializes in the import and distribution of two-wheeled vehicles, in particular for the Jonway and Super Soco brands. Based on his experience, he naturally wanted to jump into this juicy and dynamic market, with the ambition to become the market leader.

Two 125cc models

Therefore, the brand announces two 125cc equivalent models, the MX1 and the MX2, which are actually the same scooter, but with an additional battery for the MX2. The two models thus share features and a common chassis.

In terms of performance, they benefit from an Okla motor with a nominal power of 4,000 W, which can reach up to 7,000 W peak, to reach a maximum speed of 100 km/h. The accelerations are correct, without being impressive, with a 0 to 50 km/h achieved in 3.9 seconds.

The MX1 is equipped with a single 2,880 kWh battery, giving it a range of 55 km in sport mode, 80 km in urban mode and 110 km in eco mode. The MX2 benefits from a second battery of the same power, thus doubling the aforementioned measurements. The batteries are removable and each one charges in 2h30, thanks to the 72V 18Ah fast charger. Regenerative braking is also part of the standard offering, maximizing range.

Both scooters are equipped with an alarm and reverse gear as standard, as well as a large two-seater saddle for a maximum load of 200 kg. They measure 210 x 70 x 140cm for 96kg without battery and are only available in black.

attractive rates

If the brand aspires to become a market leader, it is also thanks to the very attractive prices it offers for its two models, namely 4,990 euros for the MX1, which benefits from an ecological bonus of 720 euros, and 5,990 euros for the MX2. which benefits from 900 euros of ecological bonus.

These are very attractive prices given the performance they offer and we can’t wait to try them out to find out more.

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