This new electric scooter has Apple’s flagship anti-theft function

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Segway-Ninebot took advantage of MWC 2023 and the Lyon 2 Wheels show to present several new electric scooters. Among them, the Segway-Ninebot Max G2, which is positioned frontally to the Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra. Special feature of this model: its compatibility with the “Locate” function of the iPhone.

Segway Max G2
Source : Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot media stunt. The manufacturer is present at two fairs simultaneously, the MWC in Barcelona and the 2 Wheels fair in Lyon, to present a lot of news related to urban mobility, including several electric scooters. One of the flagship models presented is the Max G2.

The one that is presented as the successor to the Max G30 II is a direct competitor to the Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra, also presented during the Iberian event. And the least we can say is that the duo is seriously pulling the plug in terms of features. However, the Segway-Ninebot machine stands out on several points.

Protected against theft

The great feature of the Max G2 is its support for Apple’s “Find My” feature – “Locate” in French. To take advantage of it, simply activate it in the Segway-Ninebot app and pair your vehicle with your iPhone. This will allow you to locate your scooter in the event of theft.

As a reminder, this system allows the lost device to send Bluetooth signals to iOS devices, which then act as Bluetooth beacons. This mechanic triangulates the position of your product, which then helps you locate it. This type of function is reassuring on paper, but is it essential for scooters?

Segway Max G2
Source : Segway-Ninebot

In fact, an electric scooter is lighter and more practical than an electric bicycle: it is therefore easier to transport and store at home, safe from thieves. The risk of it being stolen is probably less than that of an electric bike. However: the Max G2 has the merit of standing out from the competition thanks to this novelty.

The press release sent to the newsroom specifies: this function is ” only for users of Apple devices running iOS 14.5, iPad OS 14.5, and Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 and higher».

double suspension

The rest of the technical sheet is up to the competition: hydraulic front suspension, rear suspension, front and rear turn signals, self-repairing 10-inch tubeless tires, anti-theft horn, traction control system. Everything is done to provide a good dose of comfort and a sense of security.

Segway has chosen to communicate two theoretical autonomies. One was calculated from a 75 kg user, under a temperature of 25°C and with a speed of 16 km/h: in total, this method claims a range of 70 km. The other procedure is much more interesting, because it better reflects reality.

Segway Max G2
Source : Segway-Ninebot

If the outside temperature and the user’s weight were the same, the speed reached its maximum within the legal limit (25 km/h):good, the Max G2 has traveled 50 kilometers, which should more or less correspond to your daily autonomy. In any case, it is interesting that Segway does not unnecessarily inflate its figures: good faith is essential here.

Its rear motor claims a maximum power of 900 W, enough to climb positive slopes of 22%, says the brand. Everything is associated with a 551 Wh battery that recharges in 6 hours, as well as a drum brake on the front wheel and an electronic brake on the rear wheel.

Segway-Ninebot Max G2: price and availability

Finally, let’s mention a color dashboard, three driving modes (Eco, Sport, Race) and a Park mode for parking, although the manufacturer does not give details on this subject. As for the weight, the 24.3 kg can discourage many, especially if you are fond of intermodality. The IPX5 standard (protection against splashing water) closes the technical sheet.

The Segway-Ninebot Max G2 will be available in France from April at a price of 899 euros, 100 euros less than the Xiaomi Scooter 4 Ultra.

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