This new electric bicycle defies due to its lightness and its very good value for money

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Amsterdam-based brand Tenways is adding a third electric bike to its catalog, the CGO600 Pro. This most successful version of the classic CGO600 ups its game with range notably.

Source: Tenways

Tenways is a very young brand that still has a lot to prove in the world of electric bikes. Their first VAE, the Dutch model CGO800S, was launched in 2021, after a successful crowdfunding campaign. It was followed by the CGO600, also designed for the city, but with a more typical road style.

Looking ahead to the start of 2023, the Amsterdam-based company reinforces its offer with a third model: the CGO600 Pro, which, as its name suggests, is none other than the Pro version of the CGO600. In total, 200 euros separate these two products: 1,599 euros for the most affordable, 1,799 euros for the most expensive.

Above all, a difference in autonomy.

What differences can be observed between the two? The CGO600 Pro goes further in terms of energy capacity, and offers between 70 and 100 km of theoretical autonomy (which will have to be verified with a complete test). While his little brother will not exceed 70 km. For those who swallow the km on a daily basis, this may be something to consider.

Another distinctive element: the headlamp, which invites itself directly to the head tube on the CGO600 Pro. On its counterpart, a separate headlamp attached to the bike served as lighting. Visually, therefore, it is better on the Pro, but perhaps less practical: if you turn the handlebars, the headlight does not follow this movement.

Source: Tenways

In his press release sent to the newsroom, Tenways claims that his brand new electric bike is the lightest in the range thanks to its weight of 16kg. It’s false. Just take a look at the CGO600 data sheet to see a lower value: 15 kg. Be careful not to be fooled by this marketing stunt.

A good technical sheet.

For the rest, the couple share more or less the same characteristics. And for 1799 euros, these are very interesting on paper: OLED display, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Gates carbon belt drive (30,000 km of maintenance-free runs), adjustable seatpost to adjust your driving position.

It is worth dwelling on two elements: the Mivice M070 motor placed in the hub of the rear wheel. If its 250Wh of power will get you to the legal limit of 25km/h, its 35Nm of torque may seem a little weak. This will play with his dynamism at the starts, at restarts and at the ribs.

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By offering only a single speed associated with a torque sensor (assistance is transmitted in proportion to the force you exert on the pedals), the CGO600 Pro must also be perfectly calibrated to adapt well to each type of terrain. On the flat, for example, the effort should not be too winding.

For example, we had encountered this small problem on the Cowboy 4 ST in early 2022. But at that time, the problem was more related to software settings.

Tenways CGO600 Pro: availability

Lastly, the Tenways CGO600 Pro is fitted with 28-inch CST tires, paired with stock aluminum fenders. It seems that no luggage rack is offered as an option. As for the colors, you have four options at your disposal: midnight black, pebble gray, avocado green and sky blue.

Available for pre-order at a price of 1,799 euros, this model benefits from a special offer of 1,699 euros, for shipments scheduled for March.

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