This new 125 cc electric scooter could well establish itself as a benchmark

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On the occasion of MWC 2023 and the Salon du 2 roue de Lyon, Segway launches its 125cc equivalent electric scooter: the E300SE. On the program: a good autonomy, an interesting maximum speed and many technologies on board. Let’s find out.

Segway takes advantage of MWC 2023 and the two-wheeled show in Lyon to stock up on news. The company introduced many electric scooters (Segway F2 Series and Segway-Ninebot Max G2), but also electric scooters. Among them, let’s look at the E300SE. The brand’s first 125cc electric scooter. And the latter hits hard, with a proposal that makes you want, with specifications totally in tune with the times.

A powerful electric scooter

So yeah, we’re not in a BMW CE04, but frankly, we’re getting close: 0 to 50 km/h in 2.9 seconds (2.6 seconds on BMW), a power of 10 kW (13.5 horsepower) and a torque of 200 Nm that allows it to reach a top speed of 105 km/h. And all this, in the greatest of silences.

Electric scooters are often criticized for being quite limited in terms of onboard technologies. This is not really the case here, with the presence of ABS or traction control (Smart TCS) that prevent slipping, whether accelerating or braking. The ABS is double channel, so it acts on both wheels of the scooter.

Always in terms of safety, the Segway E300SE incorporates Matrix LED headlights at the front. The brand announces a lighting range of 70 meters. A cruise control is present, to navigate without tiring the wrist. Under the seat, there is a 34-liter tank to store two open helmets depending on the brand.

A connected scooter

The backlit dashboard includes various data: driving mode, speed, autonomy, battery level, various indicators (lights, indicators, etc.). It has Bluetooth to connect to your driver’s smartphone. This allows you to use the scooter without a key, have real-time information about it, access its position in real time, and much more.

Precisely, the scooter incorporates an anti-theft alarm with an alert in case of abnormal movement, disconnection of the battery or overturning. With the possibility of activating an SOS at any time to scare away thieves from a distance. The scooter incorporates a 4G SIM card to communicate remotely with the application.

Autonomy is announced at 85 km according to the WMTC approval cycle. It can be extended to 130 km by adding a third battery, sold separately. In this case, it is the autonomy driving at 45 km/h with a 75 kg driver. As standard, the Segway E300SE comes with two removable batteries for a total of 4 kWh. It takes 3 hours to charge each battery, unfortunately fast charging is not in the program and it will be necessary to charge in a classic outlet.

Price and availability

The rest of the technical characteristics are detailed on the Segway website. The Segway E300SE will be sold from 4,790 euros in the standard version and 5,999 euros in the three-battery version. It will arrive at dealerships from May.

On paper it has everything to be the perfect rival to the Silence S01 that we loved. Therefore, we will not stop testing it, to find out if it can take the place of the Catalan, master of the 125 cc compact scooter category.

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