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A mod for the game Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord offers to bring game characters to life using ChatGPT.

A dialogue scene from the game Starfield

Generative artificial intelligence has seen a huge increase in interest since the release of ChatGPT, a tool developed by OpenAI. After the astonishment, come the questions about the consequences for our society and the very specific uses of AI in the professions of the mind.

One of the sectors that could be upset by the rise of these tools is that of video games. AI is already used today to help in the creation of certain games like High On Life. A mod demo now shows how the potential could be increased tenfold in the near future.

Talk to the characters in a game: they answer you

In fact, the Bloc channel on YouTube has posted a long video demonstrating the integration of ChatGPT directly into a game. This mod for the role-playing game Mount and Blade II: Lord of the Flag allows the player to naturally chat with the virtual characters in the game.

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No more multiple-choice dialogues and responses planned by developers, non-player characters respond thanks to ChatGPT that generates context-appropriate responses. Enough to make a perfectly virtual world very lively and believable.

Under the hood, the engine will query ChatGPT sharing player interactions and requesting responses in a form appropriate, in Old English for this game set in the Middle Ages.

Block notes that the mod also offers to animate the characters’ mouths and faces appropriately with text generated by ChatGPT. The mod would have taken only 2-3 days to develop.

The limits of the demonstration

By Bloc’s own admission, this mod still needs work and is, above all, a demonstration of a concept that is already working a lot in the gaming industry. For example, there is latency between each response due to the time it takes for ChatGPT to generate your text. There is no doubt that not all the answers will be perfect and without the control of a developer, the player could face completely immersive answers.

Still, it’s certainly a window into the future of gaming. Microsoft has an exclusive license to use GPT-3 and a large number of studios specialized in role-playing games such as Bethesda, InXile or Obsidian. It’s hard to imagine the firm missing out on a chance to try it out in a future title.

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