This magnificent electric motorcycle outdated in thermal motorcycles

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The Zero Motorcycles brand presents its SR-X, an electric motorcycle still in the concept stage at the moment. The result of a collaboration with the Huge Design studio and based on the current SR/S, this creation could soon become a reality.

If the European Union has not ruled on motorcycles, while it voted in favor of banning the sale of thermal cars in 2035, the market for two electric wheels is developing at great speed and more and more brands are signing up, such as Harley-Davidson, Kawazaki as well as the Chinese and Finnish firms Dayi and Verge. Several manufacturers have also specialized in this motor, such as Zero Motorcycles, one of the best-known brands of electric motorcycles.

a new creation

The company already markets several models, including the DSR/X, a maxi-trail that rivals the BMW GS and other Honda Africa Twins, as well as the SR/S, presented in 2020. Today, the American firm founded in 2006 returns to the front of the stage with a new creation. For the occasion, join forces with the Huge design studio based in San Francisco to design a new concept, baptized as Zero SR-X.

Announced by the company’s press release as the last project of the program “design the futurewith the aim of imagining the brand’s next stylistic strategy, this new electric motorcycle is not currently intended for sale. So it stands out in particular for its semi-fairing, as well as for its resolutely sporty lines.

The proportions are quite imposing, even if the manufacturer has not yet announced the exact dimensions. Bill Webb, Director of Huge Design explains that “with this motorcycle we try to outline a new subcategory of motorcycles high-performance electric, something between Streetfighter and track bike». The fairing is used in particular for aerodynamics.probably also optimizing autonomy.

If the bike uses the technical base of the current SR/S, it naturally benefits from many other aesthetic developments, including replacing the bubble with a small one wind jump. However, I’m not sure if this item will hold through a possible move to production. The front light is refined, while the saddle has been tweaked to bring a café-racer-inspired look to this concept.

no mechanical changes

Therefore, if the design has been thoroughly reworked in this Zero SR-X, it retains the SR/S data sheet, which has not been modified one iota. Therefore, we find a ZF 17.3 permanent magnet electric motor showing a power of 54 horsepower. However, it can reach 110 peak horsepower, for a torque of 190 Nm. Thus, 0 to 100 km/h is achieved in 3 seconds, a time more or less identical to that of the Tesla Model S.

The maximum speed is announced around 200 km/h, while the motor is powered by a 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery. Thus, autonomy should be around 301 kilometers in the city according to the WLTP cycle, as is the case with the SR/S according to the brand’s website. As a reminder, the motorcycle is delivered as standard with a 6.6 kW on-board chargerthat offers a recharge of up to 95% in one hour.

For now, It is not yet known if this Zero Motorcycles SR-X will ever come to market or not. There is no doubt that the manufacturer will pay special attention to the response of its community to decide on a market launch. A bit earlier, the company had already teamed up with Huge Design to design the Supermotard concept, which had effectively ended up in production, in the form of the FXE we know today.

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