This kick-start electric bike is all about practicality

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RadPower Bikes draws a new electric bicycle that seeks to combine practicality, a high level of customization and a relatively contained price: here is the RadPower Radrunner 3 Plus.

RadPower Bikes
Source: RadPower Bikes

Founded in 2007, Californian manufacturer RadPower Bikes has happily made its way into the world of electric bikes. Its catalog is now made up of urban, mountain bike and compact cargo models. And it is precisely this last category of cycle that has just been reinforced.

In an official press release, the American brand lifted the veil on the RadPower Radrunner 3 Plus, an improved version of the RadRunner 3, which has since disappeared from the offer. Here, the idea is to offer a practical and relatively inexpensive transport solution compared to more expensive freighters.

Soon a range extender

The Radrunner 3 Plus offers a total payload of 159kg, slightly less than more conventional longtails which typically offer around 200kg. At the rear, its slightly elongated luggage rack can hold up to 54 kg: enough for equipping or transporting a child, for example.

RadPower Bikes
Source: RadPower Bikes

Its removable 672 Wh battery ranges from a range of 40 to 72 kilometers, depending on the assistance modes -5 in total- that you use. Inevitably, the load and weight you carry will have an impact on the ultimate range of the bike. But RadPower is looking to go further with a range extender.

This “unique feature exclusive to the RadRunner 3 Plusis still in development, we can read. But with this option, autonomy could increase up to 160 km, says the brand. A good omen for the future, although this beautiful promise will have to be verified during a full test.

A practical start-up aid

Located in the rear wheel hub, the motor is linked to a starting aid that propels you up to 6 km/h. It’s a useful little addition to jumping from a standstill while maintaining good stability in the event of a heavy load to the front or rear. This is a system that is also found in the Decathlon R500 Elec, for example.

For booster the comfort of son cycle, RadPower ajouté une fourche à ressort RST d’un débattement de 60 mm, combinée à de larges pneus Kenda K905 de 20 pouces, anti-crevaison et affublés d’une bande réfléchissante pour mieux se faire voir at night. A padded saddle is also required.

RadPower Bikes
Source: RadPower Bikes

On the other hand, the Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain is a bit of a blemish, which is considered an entry-level system. On a bike that sold for €2,499, we clearly could have expected better, at the very least a Deore drivetrain.

On the other hand, we are consoled by the presence of Tektro Hydraulic HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes, but also standard fenders and a central display capable of showing the distance covered, the time, the duration of the trip or even the remaining level of autonomy.

Many optional accessories

Marketed only in charcoal colour, the RadPower Radrunner 3 Plus is launched in Europe in compliance with legal standards (maximum power of 250 W, maximum speed of 25 km/h with assistance) at a price of 2,499 euros. The official website indicates a delivery period of 15 working days from your order.

A lot of accessories are also available as an option: from the front luggage rack (80 euros) to the rear-view mirror (15 euros), through the saddlebag (15 euros), the comfort grips (25 euros) or even the handlebar mitts (40 euros). ).

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