This is what your ChatGPT-style Google killer would look like

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A major leak suggests that Microsoft is seriously working on integrating ChatGPT into its search engine. Users have seen this “new Bing” and the result is promising.

Microsoft seems to be well on its way to integrating ChatGPT 4 (the latest version of conversational AI) into its Bing search engine. After announcing a multi-billion dollar deal with Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT, Microsoft seems ready to take the next step.

Several users have noticed the appearance of the famous AI directly in the search engine. this is reported windows centerwhich in particular cites a post from Owen Yin, where we can see some screenshots of the feature before it disappears.

The new Bing that can change everything

This new version would be clearly identified by Microsoft as “the new Bing.” The search bar would be replaced by a chat window like ChatGPT. Therefore, users would have 1000 characters to make their request.

Source: Owen Yin

Unlike ChatGPT, this new Bing could access information collected on the Internet. The search engine will then give the source of your information in the form of highlighted phrases.

Of course, we find the great qualities of ChatGPT, either for the production of creative writing or for its ability to respond as if it were a real conversation. The chatbot would also suggest additional questions to continue the discussion afterwards.

Source: Owen Yin

Rest assured, if you don’t like this way of searching, the good old search bar should still be available via a tab at the top.

If you’re interested in this novelty, a waiting list was opened at but has since been closed. The Redmond firm has not communicated any schedule for this novelty.

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