This is the reason why the Sony Pro driver is so weak.

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It will only take a teardown to understand why the DualSense Edge is not a champion in terms of autonomy. In this case, Sony simply seems to have run out of battery space.

Expensive and not very durable, Sony’s DualSense Edge didn’t necessarily make a great impression on us // Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

Tested by us in early January, Sony’s DualSense Edge was supposed to give PlayStation gamers a high-end controller that would rival Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. Despite several undeniable advantages, including its repairable sticks, the accessories provided and, of course, all the advantages that the classic DualSense already offers, the DualSense Edge unfortunately stumbles on many points… including autonomy.

According to our tests, the new driver “Pro” from Sony does not last more than 5 hours and 30 minutes on battery before asking to be recharged. A weak resistance that is quite easily explained: Sony settled for a very small battery, probably due to lack of space.

A significantly smaller battery than the “classic” DualSense

We expected it, but this is demonstrated by a series of tweets shared on January 31 by Budd’s Controllers, an Australian store specializing in game controller customization. The signal manager has dismantled the bottom of the DualSense Edge chassis to reveal a battery that is about a third smaller compared to the one installed in the DualSense.”classic».

Compared, the size difference is convincing… and the capacity difference too: 1050 mAh for Edge alone versus 1560 mAh for the standard PS5 controller. Mass has been said.

Dualsense Edge Battery VS Dualsense Battery.

🔋 against 🔋

I took it out again for another photo lol.

— Budd Controllers (@buddscontroller) January 27, 2023

In this case, Sony obviously wanted to create a DualSense Edge without changing the design too much or making the chassis larger, compared to the classic version of the controller. This came at the cost of available battery space. An all the more regrettable error in judgment that the battery of this new DualSense Edge is not removable. Impossible, for example, to replace it on the fly during the game, which could possibly have been an at least partial solution to its low autonomy.

As a reminder, the DualSense Edge is marketed by Sony at a price of 239.99 euros.

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