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We have known for several months that Netflix wants to prevent account sharing in order to maximize the number of subscriptions. A change that has already been tested in several countries. Netflix further detailed how the platform would end account sharing.

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After a bad run at the beginning of 2022, Netflix’s numbers are on the rise and the challenge for the SVoD service is to optimize its number of subscribers. To do this, several strategies have been put in place: the Essential subscription with ads, the profile transfer, but also the end of account sharing. The latter is scheduled for early 2023, without the exact date being known. According to the platform, more than 100 million households currently benefit from account sharing: a very significant shortfall. Netflix has revealed how it will prevent its users from sharing a single subscription.

Netflix wants to block devices that sign in to the same account

A new page has appeared on the Netflix FAQ, spotted by GHacks. She does not go there four ways and indicates that ” a Netflix account is for people who live together in the same household ” and that “people who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix“. On this page, the platform talks about a “Netflix lobby» : It can be assumed that it is a main device or a Wi-Fi network to which the devices will have to be connected to view the contents.

Netflix adds that it can detect a device outside of the home that regularly identifies or uses the account. Sometimes it will be necessary to review it so that you can continue watching movies and series. The other solution is to change”Netflix lobby».

The real list of Netflix subscriptions // Source: Frandroid

This verification consists of a link sent by email or SMS: this link displays a four-digit confirmation code that expires after 15 minutes. You then need to enter it on the device trying to connect. Netflix specifies that this “device verification may be required periodically“. We can think that 31 days ago, if the FAQ does not mention it, some previous version could have mentioned it, if we are to believe our colleaguesnumeralwhich add that a device must connect at least once a month (31 days) to the home Wi-Fi network to be considered part of the home.

How Netflix detects devices that are not in your home

In this FAQ, we learn that Netflix asks “information such as IP address, device ID, and account activity from devices connected to the Netflix account».

For people who are traveling, on the go, or living in multiple homes, Netflix wants you to be able to keep using it. According to the service, “you shouldn’t need to verify your device to watch Netflix“. Regarding the people of the same family who reside outside the homefor a certain time”, Netflix specifies that there will be certain invitations to check the device remotely, to confirm that it is authorized to use the service.

Netflix on iPad // Source: Souvik Banerjee for Unsplash

Netflix also uses the primary account holder’s home Internet connection, as it is stated that if another device being used is connected to the same network, verification will not be required.

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