This ingenious electric bike converts into a tent for camping anywhere

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The SpaceCamper is an electric bike with unique capabilities: its modified structure allows you to accommodate a bed and hang a tent on it to camp wherever you want. A small table can even be installed there.

space camper
Source: SpaceCamper

If e-bike riding and camping are among your favorite activities, then this SpaceCamper has something for you. Imagined by one Ben Wawra, eager to design a VAE capable of both transporting to work and sleeping anywhere, the model has some very special capabilities.

The SpaceCamper is actually based on the Riese & Muller Load 75, a high-end two-vehicle electric vehicle, but takes advantage of slight modifications to achieve its ends. These famous adjustments allow you to incorporate a reclining seat, which can be converted into a bed. Freight transport is also possible.

The bike for globetrotters

To carry out his idea, Ben Wawra also modified the handlebar, which can be folded or removed. In this way, a small table can be placed on it, either to work quietly in the middle of a beautiful landscape, or to have a snack during lunch or dinner. Convenient.

Above all, the SpaceCamper can be transformed into a tent. The canvas of the tent is thus attached to certain tubes of the structure to protect it from bad weather, cold and also from wild animals. On the other hand, the tent seems raised above the ground: insects can therefore infiltrate and disturb you.

The technical characteristics of this electric biporter are not very clear. It is true that the SpaceCamper is a modified version of the Riese & Muller Load 75, but the company does not specify which version it is. However, the presence of a 14-speed Rohloff hub makes it easier to target the model: Load 75 Rohloff or Load 75 Rohloff HS.

These are the two highest-end versions, sold for 8,779 euros and 9,379 euros respectively. In both cases, each version features full suspension (suspended fork and rear suspension) and a 500 Wh battery by default. It’s possible to double this capacity, as long as you put your hand in your pocket.

Delivery for summer 2023

The Bosch mid-engine differs depending on the model: Cargo Line Cruise or Performance Line Speed. The second is reserved for speed bikes Given its 45km/h top speed, it’s a safe bet that the Cargo Line Cruise and its 85Nm torque was the company’s favorite.

If desired, it is even possible to add an optional Bosch ABS. We tested it on an electric mountain bike, with a more than impressive result. The opportunity for us to re-explain the technical ins and outs of such a system. The SpaceCamper will be delivered in the summer of 2023, says the official site, which does not publish any prices.

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