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A pioneer in various technologies, Dyson innovates once again with its AM10 air humidifier. This model differs from the competition in both form and function. The English brand is also invited to the winter sales by cutting the price of this model: from 499 euros to 249 euros.

Dyson takes advantage of the winter sales to promote the latest generation of the AM series of humidifiers. The range is currently in its tenth version, and to celebrate the occasion, the manufacturer has integrated improvements that make it more efficient than ever. On the brand’s website, the Dyson AM10 is on sale at -50%.

What to expect from the Dyson AM10?

  • Ten airflow settings
  • air multiplier technology
  • 99.9% effective in eliminating bacteria

Instead of the usual 499 euros, the Dyson AM10 is now available on sale at 249 euros at Dyson.

An atypical signature design

With its range of AM humidifiers and fans, Dyson has introduced instantly recognizable design. The base of the upper part is still circular, with a diameter of 22.2 cm, while the vertical tower is 58 cm high, 13.5 cm thick and 24 cm wide. The humidifier is made of polycarbonate, the total weight of which is 3.4 kg. The capacity of the water tray, with removable handle, is 3 litres. The curved, magnetized remote control can be attached to the top of the fan.

What makes the Dyson AM10 strong point is that it is silent, which does not prevent it from performing humidification and ventilation. In addition, the device is easy to install. To do this, simply connect the supplied cable to the mains. Thanks to the remote control, it is just as easy to manipulate the settings of this model. In addition to the different levels of air flow and humidification, you can also schedule its shutdown.

Various cutting-edge technologies at work

The Dyson AM10 doesn’t just deliver hydrated air mist into the room. With the Air Multiplier technology, an airflow is created and from this the air mist is projected evenly into the interior. In addition, the Ultraviolet Cleanse ensures that 99.9% of bacteria are eliminated. Therefore, the surrounding air is not at risk of drying out and this considerably reduces the risk of asthma and allergies.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a humidity level of 30 to 70%. Likewise, you will have to choose between ten levels of fan speed with a maximum flow of 460 liters per second. That being said, this model incorporates sensors that allow you to independently assess the temperature and humidity in a room and adjust the ideal humidity level accordingly.

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