This great 65″ TCL 4K Mini LED QLED TV (with HDMI 2.1) is €560 cheaper

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If you want a high-quality TV without breaking the bank, TCL’s QLED Mini LED TV is now on sale: the 65C831 model starts at €939, instead of €1,499.

4K Mini LED TV QLED 65C831

TCL is known for its well-rounded affordable TVs. With its 65C831 model, the firm offers a Mini LED and QLED TV for a more attractive price than the competition. It even comes to refine the recipe by adding new gameplay features and a new operating system. If you are interested, the 65-inch model has good arguments, especially when the latter loses 560 euros of its price thanks to this offer.

What is the TCL 65C831?

Launched at €1,499, the TCL Mini LED QLED 65C831 TV is shown at a reduced price of €1,089 on Ubaldi’s site. Using the code 10UBA0723 and the ODR (valid until 03/20/23), drops to 939 euros.

Price displayed once code is applied 10UBA0723 // Source: Ubaldi.

TCL know-how on a large diagonal

The C831 model is committed to a sober and elegant design from all angles. Its slab also benefits from very thin borders to allow the 65-inch diagonal slab to fully express itself. The display quality is there with the QLED and the Mini LED.

A technology improved by the manufacturer, to offer a more precise backlight and better contrasts. The TV is better equipped to handle subjects that move at high picture speeds. The edges will be sharper and the colors more accurate. The TCL C831 displays 4K HDR definition and supports HDR 10, HDR10+ and even Dolby Vision content. The sound is provided by Dolby Atmos for an immersive result thanks to an Onkyo 2.1 sound system.

A complete TV

TCL offers televisions accommodated in the gaming aspect, and this model is no exception to the rule. It has a 144Hz refresh rate natively. The display thus guarantees beautiful image fluidity when watching action movies, sports or of course gaming sessions.

With its 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, the TV displays your games without blinking, with 120Hz refresh rates (or 144Hz in FHD) up to 4K definition. A Game Master Pro mode lets you activate the VRR and ALLM to fight screen tearing, or tearing – and get a smooth, latency-free gaming experience.

This Smart TV tour bass Google TV, a still simple and fluid interface, which further highlights the trending movies and series that seem relevant to your tastes, depending on the services you subscribe to. Applications like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, MyCanal, are obviously part of it.. It will also be possible to control your TV with your voice thanks to compatibility with Google Assistant. Finally, the Chromecast feature is available to stream content from your smartphone.

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