This futuristic electric scooter concept hides a smart seat

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The Beam is a somewhat special electric scooter concept: in addition to its front end that looks like a Dyson air purifier in every way, the machine has a seat directly integrated into its deck. To transform into a light moped if necessary.

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Before we even get into the details of the Beam, it’s important to stress the following fact: This electric scooter is a concept, and a concept nothing more, that isn’t necessarily meant to roll on our streets. This project is in any case the result of a reflection of two designers who answer to the name of Bhavya Upadhyay and Devam Jangra.

A seat… on the deck

Beam aims for practicality. In addition to its folding capacity, it is above all capable of transforming into a light moped thanks to a small seat cleverly hidden in its cover. Then just lift it up to sit your buttocks on it. Some foreign media then describe it as an electric bicycle, which is not the case in France.

In fact, this type of seated vehicle is today considered a light moped. The customer service site is also very clear and includes balance bikes and seated electric scooters in this category. Some rules must be followed to drive this type of two-wheeler.

You must be at least 12 years old, while the use of retro-reflective equipment in case of night traffic is mandatory. In addition and above all, a light moped must not weigh more than 30 kilos empty. Otherwise, the traffic rules are identical to those of EPDM.

A touch of Dyson

The other notable element of the Beam is obviously its front face: hard to say if the creators are big Dyson fans, but it is clear that its face resembles in every way an air purifier from the British brand. .

Side screens have been integrated into the handlebar to see your speed on the one hand, and on the other to manage your assistance mode and headlights. In the center, it seems that a smartphone can be attached to it as a GPS. Convenient for the city. self evolution it finally evokes an on-board camera, Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated care kit.

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