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Do you need a fast charger for your smartphone, tablet or even your laptop? So look no further! Amazon offers the 45 W Anker Nano II charger at 25.19 euros versus 39.99 euros.

Over the years, the manufacturer Anker has made a name for itself in the field of phone accessories. Their chargers, in particular, are of very good quality. The 45W Nano II is efficient enough to charge a smartphone, but also a laptop and all that quickly. Today it costs 35% less.

This Anker charger offers…

  • A compact format
  • A power of 45W
  • A USB Type-C interface

First at 39.99 euros, then at a discount of 35.99 euros, the Anker Nano II 45W fast charger benefits from a 30% discount through a discount coupon and costs only 25.19 euros on Amazon .

If you want a charger with more power, the 65 W model goes from 49.99 euros to 36.50 euros on Amazon.

Small, comfortable to carry.

Unlike other much more massive models, the Anker Nano II quick charger is very compact. According to the brand, it is 34% smaller than a standard 45W USB-C charger. With its dimensions of 3.5 × 4.8 × 4.1 cm, it will be very easy to transport. This small format is possible thanks to GaN technology, that is, gallium nitride, a much more efficient semiconductor than traditional silicon, which is often used in old chargers.

Specifically, this GaN technology produces less heat: thus allowing the components to be installed in a smaller space, since there will be no risk of overheating. Furthermore, more power can be transferred through the GaN components. Result: the power is multiplied by ten, while maintaining a reduced size. This allows the Anker Nano II to offer 45W of power in a very small package, enough to power a smartphone, tablet or even a computer.

Compatible with many devices

Thanks to its USB-C connection, the Anker charger can, for example, provide enough power to charge computers like a MacBook Pro or Dell XPS. With 45 W, you can also recharge the battery of various smartphones, such as all iPhones from iPhone 8, or even the latest Samsung models thanks to the compatibility with Samsung’s Super Fast Charging technology.

On the tablet side, the iPad Pro can also harness the power of the Anker Nano II charger. It can also recharge your Nintendo Switch. To charge your devices, make sure you have a suitable cable, which will not be provided in the box.

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