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The Chinese brand Baojun presents its latest model, a small SUV called Yueye. With similar dimensions and styling to the Suzuki Jimny, this electric car is also distinguished by its affordable price. Whether it will be sold in Europe one day remains to be seen.

If you’ve never heard of baojun, This is completely normal. Because this manufacturer is only present in China, just like the Wuling group to which it belongs. However, the latter’s flagship model, the Hongguang Mini EV, once the world’s best-selling electric car, is imported into Europe under the name Freze Nikrob EV by the Freze brand. But far from resting on its achievements, the Chinese firm has just lifted the veil on a new model with a very attractive style through its Baojun brand, which could be a real success if it reached Europe: the Yueye.

A Jimny made in China

Looking at the first official photos revealed by the manufacturer, we cannot fail to notice a great resemblance between this new Baojun Yueye and another well-known model in Europe, the Suzuki Jimny. And not in vain we find very similar lines, with a very angular front and an equally very square silhouette. The style is quite accomplished and has nothing to envy to European productions, even a relationship with the Renault 4ever Trophy concept would be noted at the front.

This newcomer to the range, of course, takes up the codes of the world of SUVs, with its side protections, on the sides, but also around the wheel arches. The front and rear bumpers are also very prominent, giving it a certain presence. We also note that the dimensions are quite close to those of the Jimny, with 3.40 meters long, 1.48 meters high and 1.72 meters wide.

For now, the brand has not shown any image of the driving position, but it should be more suitable for short trips. And for good reason, the Chinese site is home it evokes a wheelbase of 2.11 meters, compared to 2.25 meters for the small Japanese 4X4 that we know well. Thus, with its ridiculous dimensions, this new Wuling Yueye enters the category of Kei Cars in the country of the rising sun, like one of its rivals, the Geometry Panda Mini, although for now it is the first to arrive in China. be sold.

We do not know if it will be equipped with a touch screen, which is still very likely, and if it will be compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The brand should communicate on this topic a little later.

a small price

Only one engine is offered in this new Baojun Yueye, which therefore incorporates a 50 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to about 68 horsepower for a torque of 140 Nm, a power that is then close to the 65 horsepower of the Dacia Spring Extreme, which, however, has larger dimensions than the small electric SUV. A cavalry associated then with a LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) battery whose capacity has not yet been communicated by the manufacturer.

The only information that he wanted to give us is that related to autonomy, announced at 303 kilometers. Be careful, because this is the Chinese CLTC cycle, much more optimistic than our European WLTP. Rather, it will be necessary to have about 258 kilometers, which is still quite correct. The Dacia Spring reaches a maximum of 230 kilometers WLTP.

If only sold with a two-wheel drive architecture, the new Baojun Yueye should be available a bit later in an all-wheel drive version. A five-door variant would also be in the pipeline, but it has not yet been officially confirmed by the brand. The small electric SUV will be officially presented at the upcoming Shanghai fair in April, ahead of marketing, which will likely take place a few months later.

The starting price should then rotate around 100,000 yuan, or around 13,651 euros, which in theory would entitle you to the ecological bonus if it arrived in Europe, although a large price increase is to be expected. Which is not to be excluded, while Wulin markets its electric city car through a Lithuanian importer. Marketing in the Old Continent which should concern Suzuki, which is preparing its first electric car for 2025, but also automotive specialists.

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