This electric Nissan convertible makes us dream

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The Japanese manufacturer Nissan has just presented a rather nice electric car prototype called Max-Out. Even if a production version is not planned, it does give some hints about the brand’s electrified future, particularly in terms of aesthetics.

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As for electrification, if Nissan was ahead of its time with the presentation of the first Leaf in 2009, almost ten years passed before a new generation of electric vehicles emerged with the Nissan Ariya.

This model is the first in a series of electric cars that will soon make up the Nissan range, although the manufacturer’s electrification strategy remains rather opaque at the moment, in particular due to internal turmoil with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and a redefinition of the guidelines for collaboration.

Nissan will accelerate for electric

The Japanese firm has just kicked off the “Nissan Futures”, a series of events and conferences dedicated to its future, electric of course, and to be held in Yokohama, its headquarters. It is through these events that we should learn more about the future of the manufacturer, both in terms of products and the alliance with Renault.

To mark the beginning of these events, Nissan took the opportunity to present a rather spectacular concept car called Max-Out and that, unfortunately, will not lead to a production model. It’s a shame, especially since Nissan, in general, is very interested in the idea of ​​making exciting cars, as evidenced by the Nissan GT-R and other 400Zs.

However, the electrification of its range should lead to the arrival of one or more electric sports models that say: but not before a solid base of electric models formed the catalog of the Japanese manufacturer.

A studio with a simple style?

If you have a good memory, this concept car must certainly tell you something. In fact, it was first presented in November 2021 in digital form.

Realized in Yokohama, this concept inaugurates extremely futuristic lines, with particularly outlandishly designed wheels and neon blue and yellow LED beams that smell good of the late ’90s and the spicy preparations of certain Japanese sports cars.

If the exterior is spectacular, the interior is just as spectacular, if not more. We find a large screen that wraps around the entire dashboard with a rectangular-shaped steering wheel inspired by airplane controls.

For once, if the convertible body, which is no longer very fashionable at the moment, should not give birth to a production model, We can well imagine this interior adorning future 100% electric Nissansespecially the smaller models.

For the rest, we’re still hungry, as Nissan hasn’t specified (yet?) what powertrain was present under the hood, nor if any of the featured components will be found in future production models.

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