This electric cargo bike is packed with practical accessories to make a difference

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The Car.los Compact C.1 is a new German electric longtail with deliveries to start in March 2023. Sold for the tidy sum of 6000 euros, it tries to stand out thanks to its large number of small accessories supplied as standard.

electric cargo veil
Source : Car.los

3,000 units sold in 2019, 11,000 more in 2020 and then 17,000 in 2021: pending the promising figures for 2022, it is clear that the electric cargo bike market is doing very well in France, also in Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising to see new players positioning themselves in this niche.

Car.los is one of them, made up of industry veterans and cycling aficionados. In July 2022, on the occasion of Eurobike, a commercial schedule was communicated according to which the Compact C.1 electric freighter was to be delivered in March 2023, recalls the specialized German site. Electric Bike News.

same wheel size

The Compact C.1 is a long-tail freighter: its rear structure lengthens to accommodate two children or a single adult. Available in one size for people between 155 and 195cm tall, this model has a payload capacity of 165kg, including 20kg supported by the front rack.

If many longtails opt for a larger front wheel than the rear -and this extreme in order to optimize the stability of the two-wheeled vehicle when carrying a load in the rear-, the Compact C.1 does not make this choice: it content with two 20-inch wheels, supported by a Brose Drive T mid-engine with a torque of 70 Nm.

For a freighter, this is probably the bare minimum if you want to enjoy a modicum of dynamism when transporting people. At the rear, an Enviolo continuous drive hub has been installed. An automatic version is even available as an option, with no price listed.

Source : Car.los

On the safety side, Car.los went all out with Magura MT5 four-piston hydraulic disc brakes. Due to their high inertia, longtails, two-wheelers and three-wheelers are interested in having handbrakes to ensure a safe stop for their passengers.

The official page also mentions a dual 522 Wh battery, without specifying any theoretical autonomy. In any case, this great energy capacity suggests a comfortable radius of action.

a salty price

To stand out, the Compact C.1 comes standard with a host of handy little accessories: from the lockable Heavy Duty center stand to the folding axle, including rear wheel cover, footrests and a fixed mount for a padlock. . It’s not enough to break all three of a duck’s legs, either, but that’s about it.

Unfortunately, the $6,000 price tag is still similar to or even higher than some better-known, more reputable, and potentially more reliable competitors. We inevitably think of Mustache and his Lundi 20, but also of Tern with his GSD S10 and Riese & Muller equipped with his Multitinker. Interestingly, it is currently impossible to reserve the model on the site.

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