This Dyson broom vacuum cleaner with an additional battery costs less than 300 euros

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To make cleaning more enjoyable, Dyson is working on ergonomics, as well as the performance and versatility of its products. For the winter sales, this model, accompanied by a spare battery, is on sale at Boulanger, at 299 euros instead of 464 euros.

Vertical vacuum cleaners have become a benchmark in the market thanks to their ease of use and the absence of cables when in use. The Dyson Omniglide is a complete product that stands out from the competition thanks to a design that makes it easy to get around obstacles. In addition, this model, delivered with a spare battery, costs 165 euros less.

What to expect from the Dyson Omniglide?

  • Satisfactory suction capacity
  • Ergonomic with an excellent finish
  • Easy to maintain and empty

Instead of the usual 464 euros, the Dyson Omniglide with additional battery is now available for sale for 299 euros at Boulanger.

A pioneering model

The Dyson Omniglide is the first model from the manufacturer to feature the Fluffy roller omnidirectional soft brush, which allows it to stand out with its ability to go in all directions. The broom vacuum cleaner can thus make a circular movement, go from right to left and vice versa. Of course, you can lower it, or even lay it flat, to clean under furniture and get into tight places.

This cordless broom vacuum has a Hyperdymium motor that, according to the brand, allows it to overcome stubborn dirt on hard floors. Two separate rollers work for effective cleaning: one nylon roller captures large debris while the other, an anti-static carbon fiber filament, handles dust. Each pass thoroughly and effectively cleans your floor.

Efficiency at the service of cleaning

The Dyson Omniglide has two modes. For routine cleaning, Normal mode will work just fine. Turbo mode is the most efficient. In fact, while Normal mode takes a minute to clean an area, with Turbo mode it’s only half to 30 seconds. Of course, this is felt in the autonomy of the broom vacuum cleaner.

This model has a clip-on battery that provides 20 minutes of cleaning autonomy. Granted, it’s relatively short, but with the battery included, you’ll earn twice as much. Finally, this vacuum broom is easy to maintain. You can wash the collector, the rotating brush or the filter.

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